Anyone from the Hampshire/Berkshire/Surrey borders?

Hi, I would love to chat to anyone in this south-east corner. Any takers?
I am 53 yr old mum of 3 and grandmother of 3, had stage 3, grade 3 cancer diagnosed in 2007,now looks like new lump in other breast. Just had bone scan, ct and awaiting u/s and biopsy, so all quite scary. Also quite disabled with severe back problems, but love to chat, and I must warn you that I have a wicked sense of humour, so I don’t take life too seriously, even though it keeps insisting that I do.
Best wishes,

Hi I am jayne aged 42 two kids 10 and 17 good hubby and last sept I was dx with bc 3 days later left masectomy but I giggled all the way through it I couldnt cope with being miserable and boy did it help sympathy I could do without in fact I thought I was lucky as so many other females also have bc but do not know . the following week I went back to work with my drains in my bag. anyone who could pinch my bag would get a hell of a fright. Now i have my false boob when it gets on my nerves i take it out and put it on my desk god that brings about a laugh . enough from me speak soon if you would like too

Hi Jayne,
Lovely to meet you! Yes, the old breast on the table does raise a few laughs, also acts as a good stress ball when life gets cross. I alwya laugh when people say they come in and kick off their shoes, well I come in and take off my prosthesis! Hate the thing! It is odd how people react to our particular form of dark humour, isn’t it? I get the feeling that those who haven’t experienced dire events in life don’t understand the need to laugh at ourselves and our situations. I have a wonderful hubby and 2 girls and a boy, who all share my insane gene, which is helpful, as we have had many tough times, but in a way I think that’s why we are such a strong unit.
My children are 28, 30 and 31, and my grandchildren are 3, 2 and 1, and they make life so much more bearable.
How are coping with the snow? I have several appointments coming up at Frimley Park, and i am terriefied they are going to cancel them!!
Here’s to our new-found cyber-relationship!!
Best wishes,

Hi Jax

Just found your thread 2 months later! I live in Hants and I’m 48 was dx in November 2007. Would love to keep in touch with you. I cant seem to work out how to add friends anymore so that I can email you on here. I have done it once before duh!

When I regain those brain cells I will write again. I hope you are ok.

Regards Judy x

Hi Judy,
Those brain cells are in perfect working order! Got your message, and may I say it’s lovely to hear from you. Although the world is full of women with breast cancer, I don’t know anyone personally going through it at the moment, and sometimes it can be a lonely place, can’t it?
Look forward to sharing news, highs and lows with you.
Best wishes

Hi Jax

Having been dx in March 2007 I did not even look at this site. I now have a lot of low back pain and came across this while trying to find out if my treatments could be at the back of this pain. I have now moved to Farnham but had been living in South Warnborough until August.

Hope all is going well with you.
Best Wishes

hello jax
just registered this evening as starting chemo on thursday at royal surrey and feeling wobbly about it. Glad you can laugh about your situation, I’m also trying to laugh at the crap that life throws at us. I calculate that my hair (very long) will fall out on christmas day. I’ll probably sit up in bed and leave it all on the pillow. Thankyou father christmas. Anyway my situation is not too bad really. Early discovery of lump in breast. Two ops (didn’t get enough safety margin first time in), nymph nodes all clear, so now 6 cycles of FEC chemo, Herseptin and then some radiotherapy. Consider myself lucky.

I am on second marriage (unhappy - no support and frankly don’t want it now) two kids 39 and 24 and grandchild 12. Also 3 stepkids 37,35,32 with six children between them. They are all very supportive.

Must go now but will let you know who my chemo goes.

Take care