Anyone from York / Leeds Area

Hi I had a wide local excision and axillary node clearance in January and am due to start chemo at York on Feb 11th followed by raiotherapy in Leeds, just wondered if there was anyone from my area on here. Sally x

Hi, I currently live in Spain, but over the next month will be moving to Scarborough, not too far away, so yes I would love to meet up.

Teresa x

Hi Sally

I live in the York area and had a WLE at YDH, followed by a bilateral mastectomy, just under two years ago. Didn’t need chemo but had Radiotherapy in leeds. I used the bus kindly provided by “York against cancer” to get there. They used to arrange app. for you so that there wasn’t too much hanging around.

Hi Ladies,

I’m in Leeds, had my WLE & full node clearance at LGI last year and chemo & rads at St James, finished rads 2 weeks ago.

Tracey xxxxx

Hi Everyone
I’m in Leeds got BC 6 years ago had chemo, Mx with LD recon, rads and then Tam. have just come off Tam and that has made me quite ill. Have a lot of long term probs so still go to oncology and am having more surgery this year

Thanks for your replies ladies , when i have looked at other in your area posts i thought there were not many in Yorkshire! Thanks for the tip about the bus service janail i will certainly look into it once i start rads which should be sometime in the summer if all goes to plan with the chemo. I have to say that YDH have been absolutel fantastic so far i cannot praise the breast unit there enough.
Hi Tracey have you ever been to Haven in Leeds, a lady i was in hospital with mentioned it and i wondered what it was like.
Hi Teresa, Brr bring your winter woolies with you !!! What a shock to the system that will be! I really would like to meet up , however nice and supportive everyone is around you its very difficult sometimes to explain how you are feeling.
I at the stage at the moment where i have to decide wether to have the cold cap or not, and if i dont do i go get a wig before treatment or not, or do i not bother with a wig oh blimey i never thought i would have to make decisions like this!! Sally x

Hi Sally,
I had bilateral mastectomy in 2008 at YDH, then same as you to Leeds for the radiotherapy, I caught the train from York to Leeds and then the bus which stops right outside the hospital door.
Also I went to the Haven - it had just opened, and found the ladies I met there lovely and they gave really good advice. I live just outside York.

hi sally im from york got diagnosed dec09 lumpectomy and sentinal node 22nd dec followed by another op in jan 10 for auxillary clearance. had all treatment at york district 6 chemos n then leeds for radiotherapy finished in aug. i thought york hospital was great had no complaints apart from food but equally LGI at leeds were great too i got divorced 18 months ago n got help with petrol costs . hav been there n worn th tee shirt so if you hav any questions fire away. i did th cold cap wasnt great did still loose a lot of hair but didnt go completely bald so felt better in front of my kids n partner. i absolutely love my wigs would so recommend them they keep me sane as i was a hairdresser. go for one longer n better than your hair now why not!! will put another pic on t show you still wearing them now as hair is now 2 t 3 inches but so curly so th shirley temple look is not really for me .if you go for th cold cap you cant do much with your hair in between so i would advise one just let me know any questions .rozita xx

Hi Sally,

I moved to just outside York from South Wales 9 months ago. I had my surgery July 2007 followed by 6 months chemo and 15 rads. I had reconstructive surgery (CERS)5 weeks before I moved last year and am now under the care of the LGI.
Happy to be a ‘font of knowledge (well information!)’ if you want and meet if you wish.
Good luck!

Rozita, I went from straight hair to an afro after chemo. It does straighten again and I’m now almost back to straight!


Hi Sally

I see we are the same age :slight_smile: I live just outside Leeds in the Pontefract area and will be starting Rads at St James on 8th March for 3 weeks. I Finish Chemo on 11th Feb right when you start your journey: beleive me, it will go fast! Just keep in touch for anything and let me know how you’re doing :slight_smile:

Deborah xx

Hi Guys Im from Leeds wle and snb 1st dec…had 2nd chemo last Friday at St James…I was going to go for the cold cap but decided I had too much else to cope with. Cancer cells in nodes but cant have clearance as have sleep apnia so cant have another op yet. Go and try on some wigs girl! The shop in the Victorian Qtr in Leeds is great…I tried on about 20 befor deciding on ‘Beverley’. Keep in touch, this is doable and we can beat it. Love Alison x

Hi Sally

I live in Leeds. Had MX and recon last February, followed by 6 chemo and 15 rads. Chemo and rads at St James’ Hospital, who were fantastic and looked after me really well.

I did the cold cap and probably lost about 50% of my hair but as it was very thick before chemo it didn’t look too bad, just a little thin on top!! As it was the summer months I was able to wear nice sunhats to cover this. Pleased to say the new hair is growing back very nicely now.

Beverley xx

Hi everyone

I’m Karen and I live in a small near village just outside of Easingwold near York. Was diagnosed in Nov 2010 and have had WLE and full axillary clearance at Harrogate District Hospital. I start chemo on 3rd Feb which I’m not looking forward to. Am going to give the cold cap a go but not heard that many positives about it. Everyone has told me that the wig shop in the Victoria Quarter in Leeds is fab so I will probably be paying it a visit.
We’ve just come back from a week in the Canary Islands as my husband thought it would be a good idea to relax and chill out before chemo. It worked! xxx


Good luck with your chemo - it’s not so bad. I tried the cold cap but all it gave me was a headache and my hair fell out anyway. It must work for some though or they wouldn’t keep offering it.
I had great fun at the wig shop - trying on all different styles and colours that I’d always fancied but never dared try in reality. Most of them looked horrendous though and I ended up with one almost identical to my natural hair.
Hope all goes well with your treatment.


Good morning, thanks for all your lovely posts. Especially where to go for wigs, was going to ask rosita where hers came from…you look fab!! Am going to give cold cap a go my oncologist said to cut my hair first its just past my shoulders and thick, he said it would be too heavy so off for the snip tomorrow!! Lovely to hear from so many locals! Deborah i live in Castleford.
Karen, i lived at that side of york for a while many years ago in Wigginton.
It has been lovely to have three weeks free from hospital appointments i have to admit apart from still having to be drained once a week from this damn seroma! I feel ready to face the chemo now. Good luck on Thursday Karen let me know how it goes will be thinking of you …just keep thinking of those sun kissed beaches and blue skies! My other half has promised me a Sandals holiday when all this is over…i will be holding him to that one!!!
Sally x

I’m from Selby and am 1 year past my treatment and would love to meet up so count me in :slight_smile:

Hi Have just booked an appointment at the wig place in Leeds am going to go tomorrow try on a few wigs then go have my hair cut in the same style as the wig! My partners good idea , bless him ! Am still hoping to hold on to my hair thru cold cap but just want to be prepared, Sally x


Have made it throught the first session. The cold cap was absolutely fine. The first 10 mins are the worst but after that forgot I was wearing it especially if you can talk to the other people in there as it takes your mind off things. I couldn’t read though as it did make me feel light headed. xxx

Glad cold cap went well Karen, how are you feeling now? My trip for my wig did not go quite according to plan as my hair was to thick for any of the wigs to sit on properly and i jus eneded up looking ridiculous! Had my hair cut and wish i had had it done ages ago!! Anyway am at hospital for my ecg and bloods tomorrow then chemo starts Friday, am feeling so nervous. Good news is my seroma seems to have gone, such a relief not to feel like i have an orange under my arm!

Good wishes to you all, Sally x

Hi Sally. Don’t give up I got my first wigs from Betty browns in Clarence street n since then got them off tg Internet you can get ur first one free u hav t book an appointment tho. My hair is now curly n thick but I use a stocking cap underneath n this helps. They look good n u can’t tell u just need t b shown how t put them on I’m at Th hospital too tmoro afternoon they r great in chemo take a painkiller n sum lunchwith you n if ur having Th cold cap take a hat with you for afterwards b prepared for feeling rough later tht day tho n take care of yourself I had trouble with low White cell count about 10 days after so listen to ur body n ring them straight away if you hav any problems. Contact me anytime dust matter how silly it may seem.
Rozita xx