anyone going to poole for radiotherapy

i have a friend who is due to go to Poole for four weeks radiotherapy in a while. is it very expensive to park in the hospital car park or are there any concessions available? She’s having to drive in every day fourteen miles each way from Ringwood so she isn’t looking forward to it plus the expense

Hi Mole…not sure about Poole although I do know the parking costs there are heavy. I also know there is nowhere nearby to park free. (I used to live there )

The MacMillan Unit at my hospital here in Scotland lets us have a token for the car park for the period of time of treatment. It costs £20 (in cash) which is totally refundable at the end of the treatment.

The MacMillan Unit are very good at helping out and maybe able to do so for your friend.


Hi, certainly your friend will need to park in the mult-storey just beyond the hospital, and you do have to pay. I am pretty sure though that there are concessions. There is an office in the carpark and if she asks there first time they will let her know, or she could call the unit in advance of going and I am sure they will be able to give her the information she needs. Good luck to her - they are a great team at Poole! Sarah.

Hi Mole, ask your friend if Poole hospital has a PALs office (Patient Advice and Liaison Service) - I believe every NHS trust has to have one. My husband has used their service a couple of times and found them very helpful. They may be able to advise your friend what concessions are available.


My daughter is currently having Rads at Poole and she has to travel from Christchurch every day so we know how you feel about the travelling. She has had 11 so far out of 18 and is now getting really depressed at having to travel there and back every day. Can’t help you with the parking as she has been lucky enough to get referred to an oncologist at The Harbour hospital (just across the road from Poole hospital) by the surgeon at Bournemouth Hospital and so is allowed to park there and walk across … its free. They are all lovely at Poole but don’t rely on the times of your appt … they are usually behind time and twice Lisa has had to wait over an hour and a half to go in! It means that you lose most of the morning or afternoon by the time you get home. Lisa’s zapping takes 45 seconds only and is usually only through there about 10 minutes but can sit for ages waiting. The roads down into Poole are usually very busy too so Lisa has taken to going Sandbanks way … once she gets to Frizzel roundabout she heads for Sandbanks … much quicker especially at busy times and she says is a much nicer drive.
Sorry I can’t help you with the parking but it is certainly worth seeing someone about trying to get a concession.
Sue x

Hi Mollenium
Its Sue again … just spoken to someone who says that you can get concessions for multi storey at Poole hospital so tell your friend to ask at the reception for radiotherapy if you can’t see where else to ask.
Hope this helps
Sue x