Anyone got a positive outcome from a recurrence?

I’m back. Nearly 5 years to the day from diagnosis and first round of treatment (surgery,chemo,rads, Tamoxifen)Had hoped that was it but it appears when I moved house and changed hospitals and consultants that an ulcerated area of tissue which was removed last week from close to my scar was in fact a recurrence of the original tumour. I’ve got to go back and have more tissue removed in a fortnight and am waiting for an appointment for a ct scan. Apparently if it hasn’t come back anywhere else it is quite treatable but I seem to remember them saying that last time. Has anyone got a POSITIVE outcome from a recurrence as I am finding it difficult to come to terms with it and can’t help feeling negative about it. Still I suppose I got through it last time so I’ll have to take whatever they throw at me again.

Two of my freinds and I have all had a recurrence. Much of the prognosis depends on the pathology of the original tumour and where it recurs but a recurrence doesnt usually change the outcome unless it has spread further outwith the breast. usually you need more surgery and possibly treatment. With my freinds one had a recurrence a year after mastectomy so had a lumpectomy of her reconstruction followed by rads as didn’t need them first time. That was almost 3 yrs ago and she’s five the other had a lumpectomy and Chemo first time and 2 yrs after diagnosis andjust after finishing active treatment had a recurrence was given another wle but advised mx to be on the safe side… Her recurrence was about 18 months ago and she’s find now.
I had bc in 2006 then a new primary in 2009 then a recurrence of second primary in chest muscle nodes.

With my two freinds thry had a local recurrence and was still confined to the breast and have good prognosis. My recurrence is a regional recurrence so has a higher risk of spreading so after surgery to chest I’m on Chemo again last one next month and may requre rads but need a scan first. It’s still curable at this stage and that what my Onc us aiming for.
Hope that hasnt scared you.

Fingers crossed there is no spread on your scans. That was my main worry and was expecting spread was very happy that thry were normal

Good luck
Love Lulu xxxx

Hi Ollie

I’m hoping for a good result following a recurrence 6 years after my original DX. As far as I know mine is an identical one to my original and appeared on the edge of my recon. Had a scary wait for PET CT scan results that showed no spread so it’s looking pretty positive for me again (so they say) but off to the hospital in half an hour to get test results after my MX when they will have tested all the tissue.

Hugs to you…we can get through this!

Twinky x

Thanks for the oomments. I think this forum is going to be as useful this time round as it was last time. This tumour probably wouldn’t have got picked up if I hadn’t moved half way up the country and changed my consultant. The diagnosis is the same as the original tumour but unfortnately we can’t know how long it has been there as it was on the site of an incision made to drain a haematoma 3 years ago. None of the professionals seemed worried about the fact it never quite healed up so I didn’t worry either. I’ll write down all the questions I need answers to before I go to my next consult with the surgeon as I’m still a bit in shock and I didn’t think of anything to ask yesterday. Ironically I had a reduction on the other side at the same time as this wound/ulcer/sinus was excised to even things up. Looks like I will be lopsided again for a while. C’est la vie!