Anyone got recurrence whilst taking tamoxafen

Has anyone got a recurrence or new primary in other breast whilst taking tamoxifen?

I have spoken to people who have,the Onc told me that they dont work for everyone .I have read some research on Cancer research uk site where they are looking at identifying those women who will benefit and those who won’t ,hopefully at some point that will be factored into the path report and people won’t be putting up with depressing side effects for no gain.

I think by taking these pills is a belt and braces approach to the five year treatment plan of primary bc but Im sure that in many cases now - Tamoxifen is being prescribed for ten years  and so thats a long time to suffer side effects.

I had recurrence on Anastrosle last year on Mascectomy site 4 years on.  Had lump removed and radiotherapy and on Exemestane now . Have came off the pills due to bad side effects and went back on my old ones until I see oncologist.  They have wrecked my stomach and am sure I now have ulcer.



My mum had recurrence in lymph node on anastrozole, was moved onto tamoxifen but then had secondary spread. She only had moderate 5/8 oestrogen receptors to begin with though, then the first recurrence they had gone to weak and now she had no receptors in the secondaries. I get the impression that the most benefit is seen in those that are strongly er+.

Again, just to make the point that many tolerate tamoxifen well & side effects are not inevitable.
Anecdotally, a friend who had grade 3bc 20 years ago continued to take tamox for far longer than the 5 years recommended then & has remained free of recurrance.
It certainly looks hopeful that treatments will be much better targetted in the future.