Anyone had a rash.

Evening Ladies, I have developed some quite large red spots which have a pin sized white centre. They are mostly in clusters on my chest but I also have 2 on my neck and face and one on each arm. They are not ichy or bothering me as such, but clearly shouldn’t be there. I don’t have a temp, just fluctuations in temperature throughout the day but nothing worrying. I am currently on weekly paclitaxol. Anyone else had this or anything similar? Grateful for any help.

Thanks XX


Sorry you haven’t received any replies yet and I’m sure that someone will be along to share their experiences and show their support soon.  In the meantime you can post any clinical questions our Ask Our Nurses board.

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I have got exactly this today and there’s some on my head too.

Its day 9 after my first chemo. I called the hospital hotline and they said just to keep an eye on my temperature and to call again if it got worse. Just wondering if your’s has now cleared?

Many thanks


Yes, I broke out into a severe acne form rash on my face two days after my second Taxol/Herceptin infusion. Had about 25 pimples! Doctor treated it with Clindamycin lotion and it cleared up. Either due to the Herceptin or the Decadron…