Anyone had a strattice reconstruction?

hi all

I have a 10mm idc low grade( so yes I know very small so luckyish) in my left breast,  after second biopsy picking up atypical ductal hyperplasia (excuse spelling) then then told if I had a wide area excision surgeon would biopsy yet another area under suspicion I have opted for a mastectomy with immediate strattice reconstruction just to rule out any doubt and to be honest to avoid radiotherapy. My lymph nodes apparently looked ‘OK’ whatever that means under ultrasound however these will be biopsied when i have surgery.  Has anyone been in a similar situation and what was the outcome? Also very interested to share recovery stories from reconstruction.  Sorry just terrified at the moment. Sue xx

Hi Sue,

I had this type of reconstruction on my right breast on 29th August last year so coming up to almost six months living with it now. So far no problems at all with the recovery.  In fact it’s been far easier on that score than I ever imagined. I had a small seroma for a few days after drains taken out but nothing serious.  I had never had surgery before and was utterly terrified beforehand. I imagined lying around in agony for weeks which was absolutely not the case and two weeks after surgery was out at our annual street party that I help to organize. I had no problems doing the exercies post-surgery and have regained full movement without difficulties.


My BCN told me to eat lots of good quality protein leading up to and after the surgery to aid healing - I ate a lot of salmon!


I am only a modest B-cup which I think makes this type of reconstruction easier and my tumour was far enough away from my nipple so that was able to be saved. The scar is a lot smaller than I imagined too and fading all the time. While I would rather have my original breast obviously, I’m very pleased with the result from an aesthetic point of view. It is however mostly numb although I don’t generally find this an issue and I believe the same is true of other reconstruction types too.


My lymph nodes also appeared clear at biopsy but unfortunately one did come up positive when I had my SNB. I am having clearance in two weeks, having had chemo first, but my oncologist says that if no more nodes are affected then they won’t recommend radiotherapy - keep your fingers crossed for me.


I know that implants have a shelf life and likely to need replacement in the future but by that time there might be more and better options available so I’ll worry about it when the time comes. For now, I’m as happy as I could be having gone through this experience and feel lucky that I’ve had a pretty good outcome.


I hope it all goes well for you. I understand you are scared but I’m sure it will be a lot less traumatic than you imagine. Sending you best wishes.


Ruth xx

Hi Bloss,


Well glad my message has helped more than one person. I too considered the DEIP flap although being quite small they were unsure as to whether they’d be able to make my new boob of equal size to it’s counterpart. It is of course an option for the future if/when my implant needs replacing and I’d now be far less concerned about going for the DIEP operation.


Never having had surgery before I was so convinced everything was going to go wrong and started stressing about stupid things like how they might lose my glasses etc. I need not have worried - the lovely theatre nurse put them on for me minutes after coming round in the recovery room and I was nattering away to everyone there before they took me down to the ward. :smileyhappy:


Look forward to hearing how you get on and hope the next few weeks are not too stressful for you while you wait.


Ruth xxxx