Anyone had any problems with their eyes

Hi All

Just wondering if anyone has had problems with their eyes during chemo. I finished chemo in November 07 and am now on Herceptin having just had no.5. I went to the opticians 3 weeks ago and was told not allowed to wear my contacts anymore and have to wear my glasses (which i absolutely HATE with a passion).

I had eyedrops to use and then went back yesterday only to be told that my eyes had not really improved. Apparently not too serious, but serious enough to be referred to my doc who may then refer me to eye specialist.

He is saying that my vision is a little blurred and my eyes are very dehydrated and dry and not seeming to get any moisture. He doesn’t know if this effects from treatment.

Just wondered if anyone else has had anything like this or has any advice.

Thanks for listening

I was still able to wear contacts, but I had to change to disposable daily wear ones. However, I had a period on Taxotere where I was not out of bed very much so I wore glasses for most of that time. I had an eye test done at the end of chemo (optician told me there was no point during as the chemo causes certain changes to the eye) and there was some deterioration. Apparently chemo causes microscopic holes to parts of the eye, but in some patients the eye eventually goes back to normal, which was what happened in my case.

My vision was really bad at times during chemo ( finished in Nov) There were times when I couldn’t see well enough to read.
I had my eyes tested today and I was told that although my near sight has deteriorated slightly in my left eye ( as expected - age), my long sight has improved. So not all bad.

I wore my monthly disposable contact lenses thoughout chemo with no problems, although the chemo nurse did keep asking if I had any probs.

regards Josie

hi dawn
I finished chemo in November 07 and my eyes have really suffered i find myself wearing my glasses nearly all the time now, it is so frustrating, i am going to make an appointment at the optician but feel annoyed that i have to pay for it and new glasses !!
galen x

GALEN CHECK ON THE WEB FOR OPTICIAN SITES FIRST ( sorry for shouting) I got half price test and 10% off specs by downloading vouchers. Saving of £50+

Hi Dawn,

I had to give up wearing contacts during chemo and now I am on Herceptin and still wearing glasses! I felt my eyes had deteriorated over all the treatment and got my eyes tested last week and sure enough both near and far sight had got worse. I also had very dry sore eyes (still have on hercpetin) so the optician recommended a spray called Clarymist. You spray it on your eyelids as opposed to putting drops in. I have not tried it yet but will let you know how it goes when i get it next week. Quite expensive though , about £12 for a small bottle. May be worth a try for anyone with sore eyes.??

hey topper you can shout at me all you like if it saves me money thanks very much for that
love galen x

Clarymist is fantastic.I have recommended it to many people and it really works,quickly too.Valxx

Hi All

Tried to buy this in my Tesco’s today, which has pharmacist, but didn’t have it, so will have to try again tomorrow somewhere else. Thank you all so much for advice, hope it works.

Take care