Anyone had any treatment to stop periods, hormones etc..??

I was on Taxotere from July - November and my periods stopped in August. This being my 2nd time through chemo and the 2nd time they stopped I got it confirmed in October that I was going through menopause and my periods were unlikely to ever come back.

Well shocker… they came back last week and I am not happy to say the least. After 9 months of hot flushes, skin changes, cramps and general misery etc… I was completely crippled in agony last week and with every period I get thrush, so thats 2 weeks out of my life every month with discomfort. I am only 30 but I do not want to have to go through this every month for the next 20 years or so. If I wanted kids, I would be delighted, but I don’t and my boyfriend can’t have kids and doesn’t want them either, so I want to get them stopped.

Considering my history my GP refuses to do anything apart from prescribe me painkillers. Very useful! I’m trying to get an appointment with my Oncologist, but I was wondering if any of you have had anything purposefully to stop your periods, either before, during or after treatment or know of anyone who has had anything, as I want as many avenues explored as possible, without having to go to the extremes of hysterectomy.

My tumor was hormone negative both times so I would at least like some options before residing myself to this agony and inconvenience every month.

Thanks a lot guys for any opinions / advice you can offer! If in doubt, always ask on here :slight_smile:


I am older than you at 40 and differ in the fact that I have a child (he will be 19 this year and I am not aiming to have any more). when I was in my 20s I suffered thrush after every period and it was a hellish ordeal … I also had a very unpredictable cycle which made things a bit awkward at times.

I had a mirena coil fitted last year and was advised that it would most likely stop my periods - can be sporadic for the 1st 6 months but usually after that most women stop having periods altogether. In my case it hasn’t stopped them, but I am also on Tamoxifen which they said would most likely stop my periods and that hasn’t done it either… maybe it’s early days cos I’ve only been on it for just over 2 months.

Thanks for your comments lilacblushes. I haven’t heard of a mirena coil so I’ll google it, but like I said, everything is an option. Going to make a list of all the options I come across and say ‘right, what can’t I have and can I get any of these’.


Hi Ladys,
I have been taking Tamoxifen for 2 years and i am struggling with heavey periods and hot flushes.
I had 2 normal periods at the start of chemo then i didnt see another one for 9 months,i have had 5 really heavy painfull periods in the last 2 years always followed with thrush.I experience lower abdominal pain nearly every day that doubles me up and hot flushes.
I saw my onc last July and told him but he wasnt overly conserned so i put up with it but in Febuary this year i had a very heavey period where i was flooding through a tampon and 2 towels and i cracked,i saw my GP who put me back on prozac because she thought i was depressed from it all,she also said she would wright to my onc about what symptoms i am having,but she did some blood tests and my Tamoxifen is working to keep my E low but theres another hormone that was sky high,and her explanation was i was piggy in the middle of the 2 hormons.
She also said i was still only very early stages of menopause,but could not understand why my onc hasnt shut down my overies knowing i dont want children and save me from going through the menopause twice.
Im still waiting to hear from my onc,but do have a rutine appt in July.

Goodness Bluebell. My concerns are nothing compared to yours! At least July is not too far away and hopefully if you state your case, the may some attention. Lert me know what they do, if anything. I’m not on Tamoxifen so not very knowledgeable on the effects of it. But our end goals seem the same and thats not to go through it twice and to get well as quick as. Good luck and keep me posted.