Anyone had EC and NOT lost their hair?

I had my first EC on 15th December and was told by the Chemo nurse that I would lose my hair between day 10 and 14 I am now on day 13 and nothing has happened. I have been waking during the night since the 15th expecting to find clumps of hair on my pillow. I have had really bad spots on my face, on my scalp and my hair line.

Has anyone got any simlar experience of EC and hair loss?

I have got a wig and scarves at the ready but am now hoping I won’t need them.

Many thanks.


Hi Jayne

Don’t wish to be the bearer of bad news but I had EC chemo last summer and I distinctly remember it was days 18 and 19 when my hair came out :frowning: You may be the exception to the rule but I think it’s unlikely to be honest - sorry. I didn’t have any skin problems but I can see why that could be a problem, all that poison being injected into us has to show itself somewhere.

Good luck with it all anyway - I finished my EC chemo at the end of June and my hair is now about four inches long, it’s growing back quite fast so take heart!

Take care
Lesley x

Thanks Lesley I thought I was being a little optimistic!!

Its a strange thing because you think you’ve got your head around it and I’m sure once its gone I’ll be OK its just the waiting…which is the same with each stage of this disease!!

Many thanks


I am having FEC and it was day 17 when the hair started to come out in strands, a quickly came out faster until on day 21 I was fed up of it falling into my food and shaved it off to a grade 3. By day 23, I was left with very little and shaved the rest to a grade 1.

You may start to get a ‘ponytail’ ache soon, and that will indicate it is starting. Sorry!!!

But you are prepared with the wig and hats, so I am sure you will be fine. xxx

I had my first FEC on 14th December and my hair started coming out in strands yesterday (27th). I have a lot of hair but am expecting to have to get the clippers out in the next couple of days. My 12 year old son can’t wait as he gets to have first go!

The nurse told me it would fall out around 3 or 4 days before my next treatment which is the 4th January.

I too have had terrible skin with more spots than I ever got as a teenager but this seems to have settled down now. I at least never suffered any nausea so can cope with the spots.



I had 4 FEC and didn’t lose most of my hair - but this was solely due to using the cold cap - which works for some people. If you didn’t use the cold cap you will definitely lose your hair. I did find over the weeks that I have lost quite a lot of hair every time I washed it and have a baldish patch on top which is now growing back again. It started to go on about day 18 of the first cycle for me.

To be honest, although losing your hair is distressing it is the least significant of the side effects of FEC - at least it grows back! And it might come back better than before. Unfortunately mine is coming back grey, which it wasn’t before.

Good luck


Hi Ladies

I had my first FEC on the 17th Dec and am definitely experiencing the ‘ponytail’ ache bit! Also have quite a few spots actually in hair which on the one hand ‘teenage spots’ at 45 is quite ‘youthie’ as my daughter stated today!! And is it normal for your freckles to increase???

Good luck and best wishes to anyone about to have the next cycle - hope those SE’s are few :slight_smile:

Now where’s those clippers!!!

Leigh xxxx


Thought i’d post this picture of me (taken tonight) 3 weeks after my 5th FEC, i used the cold cap. My hair has thinned alot and i haven’t been able to wash it very much, but it’s been fine under a hat. Just wanted to show you that it can work.
Let me know if you want any more info about it.


your hair looks great…held out really well. better than mine, I have resigned myself to hats and headbands for the next few weeks, but can already feel it growing back on the crown. Funnily we took our eldest son to get a scrum cap for his rugby today. As soon as he put it on his head I looked at him and felt really sick…why??? It looked just like a cold cap…yuk!!!

Sarah x