anyone had implant only bilateral reconstruction

Hello! I’m fairly slim and did’nt have big boobs anyway, so am considering an implant only bilateral reconstruction with new nipples too. Wandered if anyone had had this too and what the results are like. I do like the idea of a smaller op and not having to scar my back (apparently my tummy is out as its not fleashy enough!-always nice to hear after having 2 kids) Have seen Mr Vij from Birmingham about this. I’m 41

Hi Louchris

We are the same age. I had a bilateral mastectomy in Nov 07 with immediate reconstruction using expander implants. My surgeon advised me to use the skin and muscle from my back as i was to have radiotherapy, which can cause problems on implants, after long discussions it was agreed to use expander implants as i didn’t want anymore scaring anywhere else on my body. I’m a bit like you i think… I am a year on now and have had my left side replaced with a permanant implant and due to the skin changes that radiotherapy caused, i didn’t expand too well on the right side. The expander has been replaced with a differant type of expander and with using the fat transfer method i am all set to have my permanent implant in Dec. Nipples will come later …

the outcome so far is amazing the fat transfer has definately made a differnece and i can’t wait to go topless sunbathin somewhere nice and hot.


Hi Louchris,

I am 44 and chose immediate implant recon with bilateral mx because -
* least complex surgery- though at least 2 ops are needed as the initial expander implants are eventually replaced with permanent silicone ones.
* Chances of a good end result for smaller breast sizes (I was 34B).
* Chance of a good match for bilateral
* If it went wrong potential to have a tissue recon later

I was in hospital for 6 days, could drive in week 6 and went back to work part time after 8 weeks.

I’m 4 months post op now and living with the expanders is pretty uncomfortable but bearable. I see the surgeon in January to talk about the 2nd op.

I know there is an opinion that the tissue reconstructions (from back or tummy) give a more natural result but at the end of the day I didn’t want to punish the rest of my body and fully realise that that any recon will not be the same as what I had before.

Other things I found useful to make my decision. -
The reconstruction booklet on this site (under publications) and also one on the cancerbacup site (has photos). Another site I found useful was Nothing beats talking to someone whose had a recon though - is there a support group in your area or can your bcn put you in touch with anyone? The peer support service on this site is excellent (1 - 1 phone calls) - you just need to phone the helpline to request it and they try to find someone to match your age/dx etc.

Good luck with your decision and the treatment.

Best Wishes

Hi Im 37yrs I have decided today to have a double masectomy( with immediate reconstruction or a later one… still cannot decide…)Problem is unable to talk immediately to reconstructive surgeon and I want to make my decision asap… Its a complete nightmare isnt it. I have been told to have the implants as like you am slender and theres not enough to cut off from else where… with what I have read seems like a fairly straight forward op but you are probably like me and would like to hear about it from someone who has had it done already… this is a really good site and I hope it helps you and me take the right road to treatment.
a kindred spirit

Hi thanks for all your comments…and the web links. I am going through the 1 to1 service on this site which should help.

Meggiemay, I have just got over the second of my ops (mastectomy of left boob-had right boob off this time last year) and have decided to delay recon to make it a more manageable process. I am having recon to both sides in 6 months. I had a few days feelin wobbly after op but 2 weeks on and I feel fine. Don’t seem to be bothered about not having boobs for 6 months at the moment and it has removed the worry of other boob and given me some time to think about my recon options. I believe the result is just as good if you wait a while…Good luck with your decision.

If anyone can tell me more of ‘what it looks like’ great!


Hi Lou

I had Bi-lateral in August 2004, and waited 3 years to have recon. I had the beckers, and I am very pleased with the result. I have a photo journal of the new boobs being blown up! So if you would like me to email them to you, I’d be more than happy. Everyone’s result is different, but like you I was slim having the op ( you could see my ribs where the breasts had been removed!) This website is good for a step by step picture guide. Mine look like the end result - without the tattoos - GOOD LUCK!!! xxx

Yes that would be great. How can I get my mail address to you privately-does the private message box work for that?

Looked at the link pretty good end result huh