Anyone had medullary cancer?

Hi everyone

I am currently undergoing chemotherapy and know I have medullary cancer as I had it out before the chemo. Rads next.

i would LOVE to meet someone else who had medullary … but I think the people in “undergoing chemotherapy” haven’t had it out yet so i don’t think they know if it’s medullary or not …

I suddenly realised I may bhave ben looking in the wrong section …

any help greatly appreciated
many thanks
FizBix xxx

Hi FizBix

i had a Medullary (very rare) usually a younger womans tumour (i am 59) i was diagnosed in August most Medulary tumours mine was a grade 3. and 3cm, i had a WLE all lymph nodes clear and clear margins, Medullary are also usually triple neg so hormone treatment is no good, but chemo seems to work best for triple neg tumours. i had 8xFEC and 20 rads. They say that a Medullary has a better prognosis than other types of grade 3 tumours, something to do with the B cells in the tumour, and usually has a very definate out line.,there is a Typical Medullary and a A.Typical tumour Typical Medullary is the more favourable. There are some sites to look at that tells you alot about Medullary.
Hope this has helped Cheers.

Sorry FizBix i was diagnosed 2005 not 2003 as i stated above.