Anyone had primary reconstruction despite needing radiotherapy ?

Hi All,

This is my first post. I was recently diagnosed  with primary breast cancer and have had a lumpectomy. My surgeon isnt convinced of having got it all and wants to do a mastectomy. I could live with that, but he says I should wait for a delayed reconstruction as I will need radiotherapy after my chemo. I have read that they often do a reconstruction 15% - 20% bigger than required to allow for this. Has anyone had this done? I dont want to go against medical advice but feel strongly that i also dont want to be without a breast for so long. Im finding the whole thing harder to handle than I thought I would… any similar cases? Thanks 

Hi, not sure this is the reply you want to hear but may be helpful? I had an immediate implant recon after mx last year - my BC team were pretty confident that the DCIS had not spread (I don’t think I really realised the significance of immediate implant at the time). When I got the post-op histology results the MDT weren’t happy at first as there hadn’t been a clear margin at the skin side of the breast and one of the things they suggested was a course of radiotherapy - the consultant said I ‘might be lucky’ but more likely it would cause problems with the implant and I may need it removed again. As it turned out, I didn’t end up having radiotherapy but I certainly got the impression it was not a good combination. On a slightly different note, I thought I would really struggle with having no nipple on that side but it hasn’t been a big issue for me - everyone is different of course but sometimes we adapt better to changes in our bodies than we might anticipate. I hope you get enough info and views to make a decision that is right for you xx

Hi Anitaboo
I had a mastectomy with an immediate diep flap reconstruction. It wasn’t definite before the op but thought likely i would be having radio after my chemo which i will be doing. My surgeon allowed for this by making g recon bigger and has also written the new radio protocol for treatment to reconstructions. Obviously this only for dieps and will depend on the type of recon you are having. Feel free to private msg me if you want to chat further but good luck with whatever you choose

Am happy to chat on here but private msg is easier for lengthy chats. Not sure where you can private msg maybe someone can advise. Feel free to ask any questions