Anyone had reconstruction in Sheffield?

I’m trying to decide whether to go for a delayed (12 yrs) reconstruction. I’ve been offered an LD flap or an expander implant under the muscle supported by a pig skin sling. My consultant prefers the LD but has given me the other choice because I’m reluctant to sacrifice my back muscle.

Has anyone in Sheffield Area undergone either op? Can you offer any advice/comments please?

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Sorry can’t really help in the way you need - not even with the Sheffield part but just to say my surgeon (Glasgow) made a big deal of how the expander implant was only best for small boobs, hence me, otherwise i think the results can be disappointing for folks. Happy to p.m if experience of expander implant surgery required, albeit very recent.


Had skin sparing mx with ld flap two weeks ago and chose this as it’s my own tissue and usually has a good healing record as all the blood supply is preserved. So far so good! They took 2lbs of muscle and when wearing a bra, the cleavage looks normal even though the two sides are uneven! Hope this helpsxxx

Thanks for responding ladies. I am small busted so expect that’s the reason my surgeon is going along with the implant under muscle idea. I’d be interested to know how you both get on with recovery.

Tina, did you have your op in Sheffield? If so, do you mind me asking who was your consultant? Do you do any sort of sports/dance activities? I dance and am very reluctant to interfere with my back muscle for fear of not being able to do my dance moves afterwards. I can’t quite get my head round how the LD flap might affect my movement although I have to say that the idea of using my own flesh is more appealing than implants and pig skin.


Hi Awadan

A bit late in the day I know but I am new to the site. I hope you check in and find this helpful.

I have just had delayed reconstruction in Sheffield (April 2010).

I was dx 2007 and had right subcutaneous (skin sparing) mastectomy, chemo but no rads. I then had left subcutaneous mastectomy (risk reducing - no disease) in July 2009.

My natural breast was extremely small and I had long discussions with my surgeon about all the possible reconstruction methods. He recommended expander implants placed beneath the muscle. This is the most straight forward method of reconstruction. My surgeon said that i wasn’t a good candidate for LD flap because I do not have enough fat and muscle to make a real difference to the reconstructed breast. In other words - I am too skinny.

He also mentioned that some women do have some restriction of movement after LD flap because they remove skin and muscle from the back. He used the example of lifting hand luggage into the over head locker on an aircraft - some women struggle with this. I am a skier and he said that it was possible that I might experience some difficulty - then again I might not.

I must say that I am very pleased with my reconstruction thus far - it’s still a work in progress. I have now reached the stage where I am over inflated and will be like this for a few months. I will then have the expander implants replaced with a smaller silicone implant. This will give the breast a more natural fall and a bit more movement - at the moment, the breasts are solid and dont move at all - I look like a stripper!!! My friends are all amazed at the result and I think a little envious.

Who is your surgeon? Can you go back for another discussion? I waited 3 years for my reconstruction so that I could look thoroughly into all the options.

I hope this is helpful - good luck in your venture