Anyone had seroma after removal of dog ear

Hi All,
I had a WLE yesterday and removal of a dog ear from last years LD recon.
Before I left the ward I pointed out it was “squelching” and the Dr told me not to worry it was local anaesthetic.I am not sure about that.
Has anyone had a seroma drained after a dogear?
I am rather worried as I am going to a wedding on Saturday and don’t want to be sloshing about!

Honestly Dot - you do get it all, don’t you! I was told by surgery inspection nurse (after mx) that the body will always try to fill any void after surgery so I would imagine that it is not that odd. Just think of all the lovely healing stuff in a seroma and hopefully it will settle before the weekend.

All best wishes for your recovery. hope that this is the end of all this nonsense!


Jane x

Yes ,its just bloody typical.I had a seroma drained 3 times after my Mx/recon so I suppose its just the same. They did take away a big bit as it was a very big dogear…more like an camels hump really!
Should I see about getting it drained?
Its pretty uncomfortable.The wound area is much more painful than my WLE wound.

I have just phoned the clinic re seroma and they say to go in at 12.30 and they will have a look.I can’t even get my bra on!
I don’t want to have to go braless to the wedding tomorrow.My boobs are a bit uneven,one au natural and one all pert from the recon!