Anyone had surgery to lung

I have bone secondary bc in my rib which is definite,latest scan shows dark areas in sacrum and neck and small pick ups in lumbar area but not conclusive. Also the pet scan has shown pick up to a small 1.5cm area in my lung. I was firstly offered a biopsy to see if it was in fact BC or primary lung. Now I have been told the radiographer and surgical consultant think it is in to tricky an area to get a biopsy from, so I have been given the choice to either leave for 3months and scan again or go ahead and have surgery to remove it whatever it is (chest consultant did say it may not even be cancer) . Wondering if I should just grab the chance to have surgery anyway as the way I understand it it would not be removed if it was proven to be secondaries. Has anyone been in this situation ?

Hi desi, I know that no one knows what it is that is on your lung and that it may not be cancer at all but I have heard of people with Mets from BC that have had them removed very successfully from their lung and I personally would think it was a good idea to get this done if it can be done safely. My husband had to have the whole of his left lung removed 3years ago due to a large tumour and he is fine. He rides a bike and can do 3 hour walks. I know that was a different situation to this but his surgery saved his life. Others may not agree but I would ask about this option. Take care. X

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