Anyone had this?

Hi everyone, just wondering if anyone has had this problem.

Discharge from nipples (very dark, almost black, apart from one side which is a mixture of the black and clear yellow tinged) its spontaneous sometimes, squeezes out quite easily.

Went to docs and he rang consultant who booked appointment for me at clinic for the 21st.

Its exactly a year since I had a lumpectomy for fibrodaenoma and the clear discharge is coming from that side. I am going through menopause at the moment and ask doc if that could be it, he said he had never seen it before (wishful thinking maybe eh!).

Thanks for any comments, and anyone whos waiting on results chin up and lots of hugs (I know what its like) xxx Yvonne

Hi Yvonne - any spontaneous discharge from the nipples warrants further investigation. I had a non palpable lump, found on 3 yrly mammo, but one of my friends had discharge from her nipple, and the tumour was just behind it, so it does unfortunately happen. Sounds as if you have a great GP who is proactive in getting you an urgent appt. However, it could be a cyst or something similar, so wait until you are seen in clinic, hopefully having the 3 step procedure (mammo,ultrasound and biopsy) before you get too stressed out.

Good luck,

Hi liz,

Thanks for replying, I was beginning to think the post didnt work, even the moderator didnt reply lol.

I am not too worried about the dark discharge as it seems to be something called mammary ectasia (googled it) but I have a clear discharge just on one side (the side that I had a lump removed containing suspicious microcalcification and abnormal cells, luckily contained within the lump). Its exactly a year next week so I am due for a mammogram anyway. Also I keep getting a strange sensation deep within my breast (similar to a mobile vibrating) I keep going to answer it lol.

Yeah my doctor is great, I had to wait nearly 2 weeks to see him but he is worth it he was great last year.

What happened about your lump? Hope you are ok now x

Thanks again liz

love yvonne xx

Hi Evie9000uk,

Don’t know if this will help you or not but I went to my docs a couple of weeks ago with a dark brown discharge coming from one pore, also a creamy and clear discharge from several pores but only in one breast. Within 10 days I was being seen at the breast clinic, had all the usual mamms and scans etc but nothing showed up. Doc thinks it’s maybe either papilloma or duct ecstasia but can’t give me conclusive diagnosis until they can get a sample of the discharge and I have to go back in March. Your problem sounds similar to mine so even though I know you will, try not to worry too much, and I hope you’ll soon be sorted out. Let us know how you get on. Take care.

Hi Mozzi

Is your discharge easy to get? Mine comes out sometimes by itself from a few pores. Is it possible to get duct ecstasia on both breasts from multiple ducts. The clear discharge is from 2 pores. I was hoping it would go away when I left them alone for a week but no such luck. Sometimes it also comes out when I am lying on my stomache in bed (evidence in the mornings) would that be spontaneous or not. Soooooo many questions, I just need to be patient. Maybe thats why we are called patients lol.

I hope your problem gets sorted out soon. Take care

Yvonne xx

HI evie,

My discharge is usually quite easy to get, apart from the time when the doctor needed a sample and I couldn’t squeeze a drop out !!! Sods law or what? I was lying on my back at the time so i think gravity was working against me. I get spontaneous discharge now and again but only tiny droplets - evidenced by a small stain on inside of bra or sometimes I see a dark drop on the nipple itself when I’m undressing. I don’t know much about duct ecstasia I’m afraid, only that the doc said that could be my problem. I’m leaving my boobs well alone for the next 3 weeks in the hope that a good sample can be achieved at my next appt.
Hope both our discharges turn out to be nothing sinister, keep in touch.

Hi Mozzie

This waiting game is horrible isnt it. I was in a state this time last year. Not so bad this time though, I had a lot of other things going on in my life then too so this time it seems easier. I hope my discharge comes out ok next week I just want to get this sorted. Mine actually comes out more if I squeeze the whole breast and then the nipple so if nothing happens with just the nipple I will try that.

I think this is the worst time, when I had been to the clinic before and they found the lump (which wasnt palpable) I felt actually relieved. Weird isnt it! The fear of the unknown gets to us.

Anyways take care of yourself Ive got everything crossed for us (and everyone else whos waiting)

Yvonne xx

Hello again, Mozzie here,
Forgot to say that I am also menopausal so I’m wondering if this could be hormonal? Also my discharge is much easier to get out if I squeeze the whole breast and work my way toward the nipple, sounds very similar to you. We’re a funny lot us women aren’t we?

hi mozzie

Yes we are strange sometimes lol

I actually asked the doctor about the menopause and he said it was unlikely that it was connected. Then again, he didnt have a clue what it was and had never seen it before. I will ask the consultant next Thursday. I dont think it happens to all menopausal women though as its not mentioned on the websites (I checked) it can be due to some medications though, not mine as I dont take anything. Ooooooo its driving me mad. Patience, one more week lol.

Please let me know how you get on next week, my appt isn’t until March 6 so I’ve got a bit longer to wait. It’s a bit difficult to explain but I just feel something isn’t right. The itching (when it occurs) drives me up the wall and then the tingling and burning sensation. The problem nipple is quite a bit bigger than the other one and redder in colour but my mammogram and ct scan came back clear, I’m just so confused, I’m beginning to wonder whether I’m imagining it all! I’ll be so glad when it’s all sorted. I bet you will too? Anyone else out there feeling in limbo? Sometimes I find myself hoping they’ll find something so that at least I know what’s happening with my body and then I read about the fantastic women on this site and what they’re going through and feel utterly ashamed of myself for being so ridiculous and neurotic. I’m obviously having a bad day today - sorry everyone. On a better note, my lovely hubby is taking me out for a valentine’s dinner tonight! Something to make you all smile - I wrote in his valentine’s card… I may not be Wilma Flintstone but I can still make your Bedrock!!

Mozzie xx

Hey Mozzie

You are not being ridiculous and neurotic please dont think that. You should have seen me last year I was like a woman possessed. I was talking to my friend today about everything and I said to her that this is the worst time for everyone. She was ill a few years ago she went from a size 10 to a size 22 in a matter of months, her whole personality changed, she went from a size 3 shoe to a size 6 she was terrified. Her doctor told her she was depressed. Eventually she found out she had a brain tumor, but she said it was actually a relief to find out even though the news was bad. Its fear of the unknown.

Maybe you should go back to your docs and talk to him. He may be able to help you through the next through weeks.

You are not imagining it all, there are definate symptoms and you are fully entitled to feel the way you do. Im sure everyone on here knows exactly how you feel we have all been there.

Is the tingling and burning actually in the nipple or in the breast. I only have a funny sensation in my breast the only way to describe it would be like a mobile phone vibrating deep within my breast, it drives me mad sometimes its aggravating. My friend thinks im picking up alien signals.

I hope you had a lovely meal and it took your mind off of things for a little while. My other half cooked for me it was lovely.

Anyway look after yourself hon I will be on here every day if you need to talk.

Speak to you soon

Love Yvonne xx
ps Happy Valentines day to you and your hub xxx

Hi Yvonne,

Thank you for your lovely reply. I feel so much better after reading it. I was really sorry to hear about your friend, hope she is doing ok now. I’ve actually gone the opposite way, I’ve lost a stone in 4 weeks not that I’m complaining mind 'cos I needed to lose a few pounds anyway and hubby says I look great!

I work on a children’s oncology ward so you’d think I’d be used to all this but somehow it’s different when it’s happening to yourself. Anyway, the tingling and itching that I get are in the nipple, I can’t have a good old scratch because it feels as if it’s right inside, not a surface itching if that makes sense. The only thing I’ve been able to find on the internet is Paget’s disease but the symptoms for that are much more severe than what I have so I’ve ruled that out. Hopefully, all will be revealed at my next appt. so I’ll keep you informed. Let me know if the aliens make contact with you via your breast !Thanks again for being there, look after yourself and keep in touch.


Im glad you are feeling better today. Yes my friend is fine now, slightly off her head (shes the one who said about aliens, she was joking though … I think lol).

Ive lost a bit of weight too about 10lbs since the new year but I have been trying to eat healthier so that could be it (not had a fry up in ages groan!!)

I must admit I thought about Pagets in your case, and if it is it would be in the very early stages because you havent mentioned flaky skin etc. Listen to us, trying to diagnose ourselves.

Your job must be very hard, I admire you, I dont think I could do that.

By the way where are you from, I live in South London

Yvonne xxx

Hi again,
Great to hear you’re on a healthy eating regime and it’s working too. I think my weight loss could be due to not having eaten any chocolate since January - I would kill for a bar of cadbury’s right now!
It’s easy (and daft) to make a self diagnosis isn’t it? I’m sure many people do it and have got themselves dead and buried before they’ve even seen their GP! That’s why I’m staying clear of the internet for the next few weeks (apart from this site of course).
I lot of people say they couldn’t do my job but it’s not as sad as you think it might be. Our ward is one of the happiest and nicest in the hospital and yes, we do have our sad times but the strength and support that the parents get from each other is astounding - very much like the community spirit on this site. I’m not a medic on the ward, I’m a teaching assistant and we have a classroom where the children come each day for lessons when they are well enough. Sometimes they’re only in for a day or two but they are all long termers and we get to know them and their families really well and they are all absolutely fantastic.
I’m in the north by the way, in Sheffield.
When is your appt at the clinic? Hope it all goes well, let me know how you get on.
Talk again soon.

HI again

My appointment is on the 21st at Guys Hospital. I only live down the road from there and I think its one of the best.

I dont know if you heard on the news a little while ago about the twin girls with leukaemia, how they had made a breakthrough because they were identical only one actually developed the disease they did tests that proved something they didnt know. They are my daughters nieces and last year she was really in a state sometimes with what they went through. People who work with kids like that are very brave in my books, even teaching assistants.

Last year I had fatty deposits in my right breast and waiting for the clinic appointment I really thought the worst I was preparing myself, even down to what to tell the kids. When I actually got there the radioligist said the fatty deposits were not a problem, the problem was deep within the left breast (I couldnt feel it neither could the consultant, it was found on the mammogram) so I was like a flipping yoyo, I had 6 core biopsies I had a fibrodenoma with microcalcification. When the radioligist came out she said it was grade 4 which was one down from definately cancer. I had to wait 2 weeks for the WLE, you can imagine what that was like. It was cancer but apparently contained within the lump and I needed no further treatment, I am scared of the next mammogram but not as bad as last year. I know that even if it is there is so much that they can do and it would be very early stages.

I will be checking up on you every day because I know what it is like the first time.

Look after yourself I will speak to you tomorrow (dont worry if you are too busy I will just look out for you)

Yvonne xxx

HI Yvonne,
I really do hope you get better news this time round, I’ll be thinking of you on the 21st.

I do remember reading about the twins because it reminded me of the identical twins we had on our ward a few years ago. The first twin had leukaemia at the age of 2 and the second one got the exact same leukaemia at the age of 6. They are both now happy, healthy teenagers and enjoying life to the full.
Anyway, must go as I’m in the middle of redecorating my office at home - I do a bit of photography and dvd stills as a hobby but maybe one day it might become a business you never know - stranger things have happened.
Take care and let me know how you get on on the 21st.
If either of us doesn’t need this site any longer because we’ve both had good news, you’re most welcome to send me a private message. I think the moderator is allowed to give you my email, so even if I put this site on the back burner, I’ll still be there if you need someone to talk to.

Hi Mozzie

What a busy day, my daughter came round with my grandaughters, then my mum, then my nephew with his two boys, what a madhouse.

Hope your decorating is going ok, I enjoy painting and drawing as a hobby, everyone thinks I should start a business doing portraits but I dont think I would have time. What with the kids, my mum whos 80 almost and I am also a carer for my friend so at the moment its a bit difficult.

I would love to keep in touch after we both get the all clear (positive thinking eh!!)

Speak to you soon
Yvonne xxx

Hi Yvonne,
I am so jealous, I love painting and drawing but I am absolutely rubbish, that’s why my art form is photography - I can compose pictures without having to draw them!
I think you should seriously consider starting a business - we only get one shot at life (as we all know on this site) so go for it girl.
We’ve had a fairly quiet weekend - apart from the decorating. No children or grandchildren round. We have 3 daughters, the oldest lives just outside Paris so we don’t get to see her or our little grand daughter (Mathilde) as often as we’d like but our other 2 grandchildren live in sheffield about half hours drive away.
All the painting in the office is finished now, so I’ve just got the desks, shelves and cupboards to assemble - that could take a couple of weeks as they’re all flat pack - still, I suppose it will keep my mind off my next clinic appt. won’t it?
Enjoy the rest of your weekend, I’m back to work tomorrow after the half term break but I’ll try and check for messages as often as I can.
Speak soon,

Hi Mozzie

I have 3 daughters too, and 3 grandaughters (Maisy, Rosie and Scarlett) I also have 2 sons.

I hope you are doing ok. Flat pack assembly, rather you than me. I always get my brother hes a chippie so its quite handy.

Dont work too hard.

Speak to you soon
Yvonne xx

HI Yvonne,
How lovely to have 5 children! We were going to have 4 but decided to stop at 3 because we just couldn’t afford anymore!
I often think how fortunate I am to have been able to have children especially when I read about the younger women on this site undergoing gruelling treatment for their cancers - what amazing people they are.
I’ve been back at work 2 days and don’t feel as if I’ve had a holiday at all now, amazing how we soon get back into the swing of it. Do you go out to work or is all your time taken up with your mum and looking after your friend? Both my parents passed away before I reached 40 but my in laws are still here and they’re lovely. They live in Hertfordshire so I don’t get to see them as much as I’d like, they used to come up North for short breaks but they’re both in their 80’s now and it’s too far for them to travel so we try and get down to visit them as much as possible but finding the time is really difficult and we have to get someone to feed the dogs and clean out the kennels when we’re away.
The flat packs went ok apart from not having the frames for the tables - or so we thought, we eventually found them under some more stuff but by then we’d assembled the desks and made our own frames to attach the legs to.
I’m trying not to think about my appt until nearer the time but every now and then it pops into my head and makes my stomach do a triple somersault. I expect you’re getting a bit jittery now aren’t you? Try to stay positive, Im sure everyone on this site will be there with you.
If anyone else out there has their appt this week, good luck to you all.

Keep in touch,