Anyone had weekly paclitaxel?

Hi, I am waiting to see if I can get into a trial, but if I don’t it looks like i’ll be starting weekly paclitaxel with herceptin. I was hoping to get some advice or hear about experiences from anyone who has had this.

Any responses will be much appreciated

Pumpkin x

Hi I’m on 3 weekly placitaxol / carboplatin so don’t no if any help suffered a bit se but on the whole not to bad I had gd responce with first 2 but second 2 stable maybe 1 or 2 more to go depends on my choice sorry can’t help I think some are on weekly so hope u might get some info sn tc Laura x

Hi, I had weekly paclitaxel over 2 years ago. Found it easier compare to the other chemo I had. I have 1 bad night and 1 bad day during the week. It worked well for me.

Hi there,

My mum started on weekly taxol but the dose was too much for her and she was quite ill from it, so they reduced the dose and she had it twice weekly for 18 sessions. It worked well until the 12th session, but there was no further reduction in her liver mets from 12-18. Think she found it quite tough going on Taxol, however others in the clinic hsd few problems.

Good luck

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I’m on fortnightly Paclitaxel (same as Taxol) with weekly Hereceptin.

Ninja’s having weekly Taxol and Herceptin. You can always search through her posts or maybe she’ll see this question.


Edited to say: Sorry - didn’t realise this was for secondaries. Ignore my post. xx

Hi, Here I am. Yeah, weekly Taxol/Paclitaxel.
I’ve had to have 2 dose reductions. One was for really bad diarrhoea every week; like I’d been purged with Fleet bowel prep - any who has had a colonoscopy knows how bad that it.
The other prob is peripheral neuropathy (PN) - numbness and nerve irritation in both feet and up to me knees. An increase in a med I take for neuropathic pain (non-BC related) has kept the PN to my feet and I’m expecting a dose reduction next week to eliminate it as much as poss. It’s important to report any PN as symptoms can be long-lasting/permanent.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for all the replies ladies, my onc totaly downplayed SE’s, would you believe saying there were practically none, why do they do that? but spoke to my chemo nurse who painted a more honest picture.
I’ve already had docetaxol and she said that although everyone is different most people do tolerate it easier then docetaxol, hope this is the case for me if i have to have it.

Pumpkin x

Pumpkin, Ninja has other health problems completely unrelated to BC that makes some of the side effects worse. She will happily tell you that that is the case.

My fortnightly Taxol and Herceptin (which I presume is a stronger dose) has given me no problems at all so far (TOUCH WOOD!) apart from the balls of my feet felt a bit numb for a couple of days (not painful or uncomfortable - just a bit weird!!) and my fingernails have been a bit sore for the past couple of days. The neulasta injection gave me a sore lower back for a couple of days. Apart from that I have had no tiredness, no sickness, no upset stomach and feel better than I have in months. Again, touch wood! I am worried that I’ll write these things and then the next treatment will knock me for six!

I have also read that weekly Taxol means you are much less likely to lose your hair.

I hope you tolerate it well if you do end up having it.


I do have Crohn’s but the Tax Trots were very un-Crohny and definitely stopped after a 10% reduction and I’m back to my ‘normal’ Crohny stomach now.

I have not needed any anti-emetics apart from the compulsory one given IV before infusion. The hair I lost through EC is coming back. My fingernails felt very sore at first but they are now in better condition than on EC.

I get a 40% of the 3-weekly dose weekly so overall I’m getting more drug but in smaller portions, which gives a better outcome in cases like mine.

After 8 lots of Taxol, my blood counts were all very low so I had a blood transfusion yesterday but that is down as a common thing and was on the consent form at the start. I’ve got a couple of months left to do and overall, I’ve been much, much better than on EC which made me very ill. I’ve been on a bike ride today which would have been unthinkable on EC.

Thanks again ladies for the info, I will update when I find out whether it’s going to be the trial, which incidently is for a new her2 type of drug, (I noticed both of you are on herceptin so might be of interest to you both) or if it’s going to be weekly taxol.

Keep well

Pumpkin x

Ive been on weekly paclitaxol 3 of 4 weeks with week off since April and had 12 of 18 now. Compared to EC is very tolerable and just feel rough day of although not nausesous just sleepy from piriton they give with it. I had peripheral neuropathy after 11th but we are keeping an eye on my fingers and toes.
I have had good response internally but not to node on it.
jo x