Anyone had WLE with LD mini flap reconstruction

My name is Jackie I was diagnosed with BC in July. I’ve had 3 FEC & 3 tax chemo treatments. My cancer is lobular which is why it got to 7 by 10cms!! before I realised something was wrong(there was no actual lump just a general hardening of the breast). It has shrunk to about 3 by 3cms now which is apparently borderline for a WLE. My surgeon has given me the option of a mastectomy with delayed recon because I have to have radiotherapy or a WLE with mini lat dor flap recon. The WLE would be done first, the margins checked and then the mini flap to fill the “hole” 2 weeks later. If the margins are not clear then it would have to be the mastectomy anyway. The advantage of having the WLE would be that I get to keep the nipple. I believe this is not a common procedure so I wondered if anyone has had this done and were they happy with the results.

Hi Jackie - I had WLE 4 years ago which looked great and had no problems with it all but had reoccurance this summer and just had mastectomy with LD flap and implant. I know not the same options as you have been given but from my experience I wish I had had mastectomy 4 years ago as this sumemr has been really tough. I feel much better now the breast has gone and it has took a lot of the worry away. I am opting for the second one to be done in Feb.

My recon looks great and I didn’t keep the nipple as there is a chance it can come back in the nipple - I will have that reconstructed later on.

It is really hard when you are given options so do lots of research to make the best choice for you. Recon is major surgery but I was surprised at how quickly I recovered and how good it looks.

Take care

Sarah x x x