Anyone have facial hair?

Hi all,

Just a quick question mom has finished chemo & rads and has now started on Arimidex do any of you ladies suffer from facial hair during this treatment or could it be the fact that she has had to come off the HRT? any advice for her would be benefical,

Many thanks


Hi Lisa
There are a number of posts on here regarding facial hair - use the search facility at the top. Basically it appears that many women including me have found that when hair returns to the head after chemo it comes back everywhere else with avengance!! My partner cheekily refered to me a his silver werewolf!!! - the hair was very blond. I finally had the sides of my face threaded and have now found regrowth minimal and controllable with tweezers. Other women have found waxing works - but the choice is personal. It seems to be a common side effect post chemo that they have failed to put in all the leaflets - which means for those that are affected you suddenly feel a bit freakish!!!
If it is concerning your mum then she can sort it easily - if it is bothering her its a good sign that she is caring about herself and on the road to recovery

Take Care


Hello, I think it’s quite normal to have facial hair appear after treatment, myself and the ladies I went through chemo with all experienced it.

However the good news is that in all our cases it disappeared on its own in a couple of months or so.

Best wishes to your mum!