Anyone having Chemo for the second time?

Can anyone tell me if they have ever had chemotherapy twice? My mum is about to embark on her second time (last time was 5 years ago after a lumpectomy) she had a masectomy this time, bone scan showed clear (touch wood) and lymph nodes clear (touch wood). The doctors know it hasn’t spread but they have offered chemo treatment to my mum- it is her decision though as they say chemo will only increase her chances of not getting breast cancer for the third time by 4% (from 80% already due to the masectomy). She just wanted me to ask this question and how did you cope with it? She had an injection last time and didn’t lose all hair but this time the doctor said it was to be a little bit different and she will lose all her hair.


hiya bigfootchan,

not trying to claim the record here but I have had chem 5 times. I was never given the option to go without so didn’t question it or ask how much percentage improvement I would get from taking it. It is difficult if they are asking your mum to make the decision - why not suggest she asks the oncologist what advice he would give it was his mum?


hello dawn nice to speak to you again.

It’s funny you say that about the onocologist, my mum asked what would he do if it was his wife and he said, he couldn’t say because it’s not him going through it. I understand as a health proffesional though why he can’t give a straight answer.

You’re so strong your family must be so proud of you! If you can do it 5 times then that will give alot of women out there alot of hope, it certainly has my mum! It is very difficult asking us what to do, but i know they have asked many women the same question.


Hi Bigfootchan,

I have just started my second regime of chemo. I have never asked about percentages, they are just figure not people. If you know the percentages think positive, your mum can just as easily be in the 4% as in the 96%.

I think anything that keeps the blooming cancer at bay is worth a go whilst ever you have some quality of life. It sounds as if your mum has.

Take care


Hi Bigfootchan

Can’t claim to be in the same league as Dawn! But am now on my third lot of chemo and each time it has been a completely different experience due to the different type of chemo I’ve had each time. Have currently been on my present one for just over a year and will remain on it indefinitely as long as I continue to improve.

Do you know why your mum is having chemo again as I notice you say that it hasn’t spread. I also agree with Carol - I ignore statistics in something like this as I was told that the stats showed that, given the state of my liver, the chemo probably wouldn’t work and I would be lucky to see last Christmas. Well, it did work and I’ve had an extra year so far from what the statistics said.


Hi Chums
I am on my second lot of chemo.

Like your Mum, Bigfootchan, I had WLE in 1997 and Mastectomy June 2007.

First lot of 4 FEC in 1997 and am just awaiting the last FEC number 6 next Friday.

Last time I was told it was a belt and braces job, but I elected to have it as I knew I would kick myself if I didn’t have the chemo and got another tumour.
This time the same goes. I want whatever help I can get to keep myself free of any other cancer even though chemo is the pits.

Last FEC is 30 Nov…BRING IT ON!!! lets get it over with and get back to real life with hair and no sickness. It’s all just a temporary blip and is ready to be put behind me. ( Apart from a year of Heceptin) I know I have been lucky as all other scans have been negative. So I would do the chemo again every time.

Special good wishes to Bigfootchan’s Mum


Hi Pink Dove

My mum is having chemo as her choice, she doesnt have to have it. The doctors said that it hasn’t spread (god forbid) but i suppose the option of chemo can be there just incase they have missed something- more of a precaution they have made it out to be. It definatly is a case of avoiding the bloody cancer from coming back.

I can see how strong you are, so admirable, i hope my mum can be like that too


Hi bigfootcan

Your mum is one strong lady!

I think Chemo is the neccesary evil and I had it twice 6 x FEC (2004) and 8 x Taxotere (2007) and whilst it was horrible in the middle of it all, its soon over.

You need to throw everything at this B**tard!

So as K puts it BRING IT ON!


just had 3rd fec and due to start tax on 17th dec. my worry is i have found a lump in left breast today. breast cancer was in right side- diagonsed in sept2007 - lymph nodes clear - in fact onc said breast cancer had gone.chemo is an insurance policy to stop it coming back. mri scan showed all clear on left. dr thinks its a fibradinoma - but has referred me for an appointment on wednesday. should i be worried ? as mri was only 2 months ago?

reassurance required pleases

sarah 41

Oh My God you are all so brave!

I had a mastectomy on 1st November and have finally got a date for chemo (FEC) 12th December - I am optimistic (a bit gung-ho) but at the same time terrified. Just want to get on with it. Daren’t look too far in the future just look to one day at a time.

I wish I have your courage.


My last chemo was today FEC number 6 HOOOOORAY!!!.
Just one week feeling ill, two weeks of feeling a bit better and here’s hoping for a lovely break to enjoy family and Christmas Pud.
Awaiting news on my ill health retirement with crossed fingers

Going for echocardiogran on 10 dec to see if heart fit for herceptin and that is some excitement for the new year!!

Sarah- I had something similar… very worring but went for ultrsound and was told if was nothing sinister. My lump is a bit of muscle and rib that have changed due to rads. Hope things go well for you.

Lynda - wise woman don’t look too far ahead, just as far as the next bit of treatment. We all got this courage from going through it. I didn’t have the courage before in fact although being considered a robust personality by my GP I was very lillylivered about breast Cancer. Stick with it Kid we are right behind you!