Anyone having EC only

There does not seem to be many on EC only maybe my age I am one of the one in three over 70 year olds to be diagnosed. I certainly did not feel over 70 until all this started but ready for the fight. Start Chemo 29th so worried about the side effects I will be facing. Anyone in the same position.

got to get going now Sunday lunch for 8 and a game of bridge but think all this has slowed my brain down so my bridge playing will be rubbish.

Not had a reply what I should have asked Ec 3x3 then 6 taxol. Everyone seems to be on FEC.

Hi, my treatment was 4x EC followed by 4 x paxlitaxol which I started in July. Only had two of the EC treatments as a scan showed I’d only had a moderate response however the tumour had shrunk. I tolerated the EC reasonably well, just make sure you take the anti sickness meds, try and take some exercise each day, I walked my dogs and always felt better for it. Be prepared for some ‘pink wee’! Doesn’t last long ! Good luck with your treatment. X

Thank you for replying I already have had my surgery this chemo is insurance so it will not return. We have a dog too a big soft lab so if I can I will walk him most days like I do now. Not looking forward to the chemo but it’s got to be done so bring it on then I can continue to enjoy my retirement,

Hi Val
I’m now 1 year on today is the anniversary of my mastectomy.
I had 6 EC from October 14 - February 15.
I’m 41, so no its not because you are old.
I would join your monthly chemo group on the forum as it’s a good support mine is meeting up this weekend.
If you do a search/go back a few pages you will find a similar titled thread where a few of us posted at times.
take care and it is do able. Xx

Thanks for replying I am due 3x3 EC then 6 taxol. Oh well they say variety is the spice of life this will be something very different. Hope you are staying well Hugs Val