anyone having fertility treatment? I am scared!

anyone having fertility treatment? I am scared!

anyone having fertility treatment? I am scared! Hi everyone,

i was diagnosed about 7 weeks ago with bc. i am 26 and in my thrid year of a degree. i have had a lumpectomy with removal of 10 lymph nodes, that were fortunatley clear. bc was grade 3 and not hormone receptive. due to start chemo next week after IVF treatment to freeze embryos. this involves daily injections and scans over the last 10 days. i am due for the ‘egg collection’ this friday and am really scared about the procedure, it is not through the tummy. i understand i am to be under local anethetic and drugs that make me forget the procedure. the whole process takes about 45 mins. i am really worried about the pain. has anyone else had anything similar? would appreciate any feedback. i am being treated at St Barts.

many thanks

Nadia x

Sorry Nadia,
I haven’t experienced this personally, but have 2 friends who have, both who said that it was tolerable and one who went on to have a baby, said it was nothing compared to the birth. I really want to wish you good luck and hope that the procedure is successful.

I had to abandon my IVF, because I found a large lump, (grade 3.) I think that the drugs accelerated the growth of the tumour, but there is no proof of this! But I’m glad they did because at least the bc was spotted before i went any further with the treatment. My consultant didn’t want me to continue with IVFbecause I also had a large lump under my armpit and she wanted to start chemo asap. But I am older than you (40 at the time) and already had a son, so my priority was to do everything to be around for him.

Don’t be scared see this as an opportunity and a way of ensuring that the cancer doesn’t spoil your future! GOOD LUCK on Friday , be brave and hopefully it will be worth it in the end!

Take care


Hi Nadia

Like you, I was 26 last year when dx (exactly same dx as you) & also went through fertility treatment… I still remember sitting on the sofa with my Mum next to me, my first injection in my hand saying ‘I can’t do this!’ & Mum saying ‘You have to, you know what it means to you!’.

I took things really easy in the last few days before my egg collection (my swollen belly was so uncomfortable I didn’t feel like doing much!).

The egg collection itself was over pretty quickly and mine was done under a sedative. I found that I could feel the sensation of the needle going into my ovary to retrieve each egg but it was not painful (also had Mum sat next to me through the whole thing which definitely helped keep me calm). After the procedure was finished I did bleed a lot and felt very sore inside - have a hot water bottle ready at home and be prepared to lie down for a few hours afterwards. The sedative kept me really drowsy for a few hours.

I’m single so froze eggs rather than embryos… I’ve 16 on ice just in case! I’m happy to say though that my periods have returned since finishing chemo which is a good sign :slight_smile:

Will be thinking of you this week, keep us all posted on how the egg collection goes… its all worth it!

Love Sarah xx

Hi Nadia

Like you I was diagnosed with non-hormone receptive BC before I’d been able to have children, so my partner and I went through the process of freezing embryos too. The whole experience was pretty surreal and I went through the visits, the injections and all the rest in a pretty spaced-out way (I was really thinking about the start of the chemo rather than the fertility treatment). Anyway, the day of collection came round really quickly and even though I was nervous, I felt secure and well looked after (I was at Hammersmith). I was sedated and fell asleep before they started the collection. I woke up in my own time and felt completely fine - no pain, no soreness, nothing! I know it’s worrying, but the nurses will look after you really well and will be able to answer all your questions. I think if they know you are doing the treatment because of your BC, they are extra kind and supportive. Don’t be afraid. My partner was fantastic throughout the whole thing and makes me laugh now as he keeps going on about how “awful” it was for him! You’re very brave, but don’t try to be superwoman (I can tell you from experience that no one expects you to be and no one thanks you for trying). I hope your chemo goes ok - let us know how you’re getting on and if we can help in any way.

Lucy x

Hi Ladies,

Thankyou for your kind words and reassurance, i plan to rest this weekend on the sofa with a hot water bottle. keep you posted. Good Luck to you too.

Nadia x