Anyone having Radiotherapy in December ?

Hi Ladies.

I started my rads last Thursday 27th November but most sessions will be in December. If there is anyone who would like to share experiances worries and advice it would be good to share the journey with you.

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Hi just had planning waiting to start the daily treck

I’m starting at addenbrookes cambridge today. Where are you? I’m dreading it even though I begged for them to schedule me in pre Christmas. As my wle was in September this stage has taken a while to organise.

I have my first session as planned yesterday.  There was a 30 minute delay and then I was in.  I know you will probably think that I am a drama queen but I could sense the radiation as a sort of intensity/ glow.  My breast also feels very slightly scalded, although it looks OK.  I also found it very uncomfortable being stretched out as though on some kind of medieval rack - but that is because I have rotator cuff problems with both of my shoulders - they must have thought me mad when they caught me sneaking in some shoulder stretches just before going in! I really hope that yesterday’s experience will not be typical and have armed myself with E45 cream/ aloe vera etc.

Hey SML1903,
hope your sessions are going well so far? I started my radio on 24th November and finish up 18th December. If you’re still looking for a radio buddy let me know :slight_smile: x

Hi Claire- ann I’m part of this thread as well and as I finish on 19 December it looks like we’re on the same journey too. How many sessions have you had and how’s it going?

Hi again. …haven’t been too well so not replied before…my first planning didn’t get finished as they decided I needed a breast cup …I’m a g cup…to avoid rads hitting wrong areas…has meant I start on 15th and won’t finish until Jan 12…gutted. very emotional on second planning as cording meant it was painful ended up blubbing in the loo…It seems so sterile the staff hardly talk to you so I felt like a slab of meat. hopefully I’ll feel better when it starts.
good to hear some of your experience.

Thanks Lola I just find that there’s no explanation were just supposed to say yes and be great full questioning is not allowed. I asked about the boosters and all I was told was it gives you a better chance nobody has even really explained radiotherapy I asked what difference it made to ten year chances and the only answer given was it’s not measured like that.
Can I ask what 7 seven cream is?

Hi I’ve been following this thread and hope you don’t mind me joining in! I started on 1st December and so have had 5 zapps. First 3 days were fine but felt ill on day 4. I was advised to drink more water which I did and it seem to have helped a bit. I am also a G cup but have not had to have a ‘cup’. So sorry you’ve had a setback! I’m finding it psychologically difficult because It feels like it’s downhill all the way even beyond the final zap as I believe the effects peak 2 weeks after that! Dreading tomorrow’s zapping!
Best wishes

Just love it when you type something and it goes…

I’m going to struggle with the water…

thanks for advice on cream…I’m happy to have treatment that will help but like to know how it will a simple explanation would be fine just hate them not even saying a word. I’ve had issues with chemo so guess it’s made me question more…and to be honest don’t get why they can’t talk to me after all I talk to babies when I change them it’s supposed to be reassuring.
trying to learn the art of switching off but as my arm hates being in position due to cording I’m dreading it have been in agony since planning despite the excercise.

Starting rads tomorrow. Well, it will be a practice session and rads will be given the day after. I am told the practice is necessary because I will be having treatment on my breast and below my collar bone. 25 sessions ahead so I will be in the middle of treatment over Christmas. It’s the start of the end. The last hurdle but I am not looking forward to it. I am worn out from being treated for breast cancer. 

Lola I start proper on Monday so trying to step up stretching nobody has told me what to do so just doing the ones given after surgery and any stretching I can. pain in shoulders is worse at the moment if I lift arms sideways.
glad some are getting through early …a rare treat in this journey.

So slyolddog. …you will now be known as just a booby. .think my toys would have not just left the plan but hit someone…feeling very frustrated by some attitudes just lately.
glad your doing ok gives me hope.
I’ve not even managed to get anyone to look at my arms yet. my damage was done beginning of August and it’s getting worse…and now starting on the bc side despite the excercise. lots of pins and needles and pain in both shoulders. my husband tore his rota cuff a few years ago and says the pain I describe sounds similar. I can’t lie on either side without triggering the pain so more uncomfortable than ever.
I will look at the links as so far cording seems glossed over as if it’s not that bad. my gp hasn’t heard of it sick of being pushed around and nobody even bothering to look at it.

letter today changing appointment times just as I thought I’d got things covered. so situation normal unable to plan a thing as it’s going to change…Some by 10 minutes…what’s the point and some 2 hours so now I can pick up from school great.
oh well at least start and finish dates are the same. getting nervous

meant can’t pick up…


I arrived at 9.15 hoping to be taken in early again. After a while I noticed they’d put the sign up saying they were running 20 minutes late. Asked to get changed at 10.20 (my appointment time) then sat and waited until about 11.10 for treatment. It was a bit nippy and there was a Dutch lady waiting who told me about hiw ill she was with an awful cold! I think they had an issue with the guy who was treated before me, they kept going backwards and forwards to the treatment room. My appointment tomorrow us for 9.35 then 10.10 and huge last one on Thursday at 9.30. You more than likely walked past me on the way to the main waiting area while I was waiting outside the changing rooms.

And yes, the Scottish guy is lovely, as are most if the staff for LA3. I might bring them in something to share on Thursday as a thank you. Glad it’s nearly over now.

Just had second treatment. I was a bit red yesterday which surprised me so a bit concerned it may be a warning of skin issues. slapping on the cream.
really annoyed that my treatment room has no mirror when I asked they suggested I talked to a councillor to boost my confidence…is it me? am I the only one who needs a mirror to put a wig on straight? was asked to change in the treatment room while they set up yesterday was a different machine with changing room and mirror.

Hi I think you could mention it to your oncologist as surely it’s unprofessional to jump to judgements about their patients in this way. I think that some counselling might be good for me as I go through this stressful time but if I do that will be my decision and not theirs!

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