Anyone having rads in Exeter from 9th May?

Hi all,

I’ll be having my 3 weeks of rads at the Royal Devon & Exeter from Monday 9th May and I was wondering if anyone else will be around.

My appointments are for around 4pm but as I am coming from North Devon via the local transport service I’m likely to be there earlier/later than that if anyone fancies a chat in the waiting area.

I’ll be easy enough to spot as I’ll be in the blonde bob wig with two walking sticks! :slight_smile:


good luck with the rads. I had mine at RD&E and finished a month ago. Saw my oncologist last week and signed off until next year …such a good feeling. Hope it all goes well, there are some really lovely drivers in this end of the world

Thanks dennykp. xx

I’ve done two days now and I’m really impressed by the way I’m being treated. The staff are friendly and very sensitive - if only everyone’s experience could be like this.

I have a long drive to get there and back each day - about 4.5 hours in total, and I’ve found a local charity does a minibus service which has been absolutely great and much cheaper than the petrol costs.

I’m looking forward to having the summer to recuperate, even if I do have to be careful about sun exposure! :slight_smile:

Oops clicked on the wrong bit! ;-D

I just wanted to add that it’s great news that you’ve been signed off for a year! xx