anyone heard of this

Hi Girls
I am one of the ones who is suffering major side affects from Tamoxifen, you name it I have it, and have now reached rock bottom, Hubby can’t stay in same bed as me due to the night flushes, only gettin about an hours sleep, have dry skin, major flushes every hour, during the day, gained 2 1/2 stone in 3 months, even though I’m eating rabbit food, have swollen ankles, and hands, aching joints I could go on, I’ve been prescribed other meds to lessen the side affects but nothing has worked, went to see my Consultant today, who has said that I need to come off the Tamoxifen, he did tell me that I am one of the few unlucky ones, as most people don’t get any side affects, but as I am still classed as pre menapause there isn’t anything I can swop over too, in 1992 I had a hysterectomy, but my ovaries were left in situ, My Onc, thinks I need to have more RADS I think he means to quicken up the menapause, has anyone else heard of this, if so where on my body will I have to have them, and does it work I did’nt ask ONC any questions, as my head is in the shed again.

good evening Heatherellis, i am apparently going on Tamoxifen once i have had my treatment , i have not yet been through the menopause, apparently have aother 1/2 years to go. My thoughts are with you and i go in on Wednesday 10th October for my operation, feeling very shakey at present. Take care and catch up with you soon.

Hi Heatherellis

sorry to read you are having a really cr** time on tamoxifen, I have to start taking in three weeks myself yuk. Don’t have any answers for you just good wishes, take care
Diane x

Hi Heatherellis, how I can empasise with what you are going through, though not as bad side effect as you, but still really bad! Off to see GP tomorrow to see what I can do - know am limited with my options, but really can’t take much more of these side effects ie. weight gain (like you wouldn’t believe!), hot flushes, joint aches and pains, etc! Will let you know if he comes up with any really good ideas of how to tackle. Thinking of you.
Jean x

Hi Heatherellis
I’ve been on tamoxifen now for 3 months. I am 37 and feel like 87. IN the morning I have diff getting on my feet and diff lifting my 1 1/2 year old.
My hand cramp up at night. I am worried if I will be able to go back to work. Because it is a fysical job. Let alone the swets and flushes.
So i empasise with you!!
Now I am pre menopausal too. My oncol. said ( although not scient proven yet) that the ||ZOLADEX put you in menopause in theory. That means yuo could go on the aromatase inhibitors: arimidex etc.
He said the problem wuld be those are known for there sideeffect like painfull joints.
But Eh could be worth to try is your sideeffects of tamoxifen are you bad as they are.

Hi Heather,

I had a hysterectomy 11 years ago but retained my ovaries.
After treatment I was put on tamoxifen and had a few flushes, but they settled fairly quickly. Sadly then I got a local recurrence so was given a blood test and put on Femera, blood test showed I was coming into menopause. This time I had some quite powerful hot flushes to begin with but they eased off after a couple of months. I now have what appear to be skin mets so am having monthly zoladex implants along with the Femera in the hope of ridding body of as much oestragen as poss.

Side effects from Femera are increasingly achy joints, especially first thing in the morning, and I’m not gaining but not losing any weight. The zoladex is giving me PMS symptoms!! Bit teary, vunerable, tired and greasy hair!!!

Hope some of this helps,

I don’t know how you have stood it for this long.

Have you asked your onc the prognosis if you come off all together? Some people get very little benefit from hormone treatment and it might be worth the risk?