Anyone HER2 positive oestrogen negative?

Hi have been diagnosed his year with HER2 pos Oestrogen negative breast cancer . Unusually I’m told - high grade DCIS and a 4mm tumour on 1 lymph node. I’ve completed my chemo and started herceptin on 4th chemo. I’m trying to find any ladies with similar diagnosis. My BCN always makes me feel like I’m doomed (not intentional  I’m sure) but it would be great to know that I’m not alone?? Xx

Hello :slight_smile: You are not alone. I’m 33 and I was diagnosed in February Grade 3, 4.3cm Tumor with wide scale high grade DCIS, Stage 2 with spread to 2 lymph nodes . It’s a scary place to be initially and I’m only just getting my head around things now and I’m coming to the end of my radiotherapy! I’ve been through fertility treatment, a lumpectomy, chemo, mastectomy and recon, now on radio and finish herceptin in June! (Wow, what a lot!) Emotionally it has been draining but I have remained strong throughout and will continue to be positive and living each day to the fullest (sometimes hard!)  I also know a few other people who are HER2 positive and ER/PR negative.


hope you are doing ok on your journey!



HI.i am 24years old and was diagnosed with invasive ductal cancer grade 2 her2 positive oestrogen negative. This was diagnosed in july. I’ve had a mastectomy and reconstruction is underway. I found out i was pregnant the week after I found out i was pregnant with what was meant to be my 3rd child bearing in mind i had a miscarriage in april. I was told that if i carried on with pregnancy and delayed all treatment i wud have over a 50% chance of dieing within the next ten years. I had to think of the two young children i have ( one 5 years old and one 2 years old) and give myself the best chance of being a mam to them as long as i possibly can. So it was a no brainer i terminated. I am having my second chemo on monday and i have to have another 4 after that and herceptin which takes me all the way to november 2016. A long road ahead but i have to stay strong for my children. My main issue was losing my hair. My work friends all start a fundraising scheme for me to be able to have my hair made into my own wig! Amazing friends i know. So it is actually happening. Been down to chesire yesterday to get all my hair taken off and is now underway of becoming my wig. Stay strong there’s light at the end of the tunnel xxx

Hi I was diagnosed June 2008 with her2+ oestrogen negative. I had mastectomy with recon, chemo, radio, and herceptin for a year. I had three tumours and 2 lymph nodes. I have been discharged from the breast clinic and now back on to routine mammograms. I only come on the forum now and then but thought I would post as I used to look for survivors when going through treatment. Cancer still worries me but I have learnt to enjoy what I have got (got a lovely new granddaughter to distract me). Still get wobbly when due for mammogram (due end of October) but fingers crossed for many more years cancer free. Hope you all have support through your treatment and time soon goes and it will be you posting giving support years later to new members facing this terrible disease. Good luck to you all x

Hello ladies I’ve just been told that my tumour is ER -ve and still reeling from the shock but nothing was mentioned about herceptin etc - is ths info normally given at this time? Waiting for a definite plan but likely to be chemo first then surgery . Feel very very scared but it is good to read your stories to realise that others are in the same boat and doing ok