Anyone Hyper Active??

I realised yesterday whilst talking to a friend that she and a lot of other people probably think i am hyper active. When i sat down for 5 mins and thought about it they are probably right.

This month between working for an agency which is good as i can pick and choose when i work. I have been to Oxford, London, Loughborough Leicster and Norwich visiting friends and family.

Today i have been out at work since 7.30am now making tea and thinking where can i go tonight.
I think its since DX i dont think about things as much if i am busy but what do folk think? Are you the same and if so is it detrimental to our health??

At least i sit stil on the comp!!


Thurs / Frids are my days off as I job share so:-had coffee with a friend this morning. Before I got there I had changed the bed, done two loads of washing, Emailed sons at uni, defrosted freezer and brief visit to hairdresser for a trim, chatted to a friend and done a bit of shopping. Off out tonight
Certainly feel more aware that I may have less years ahead of me having had bc and I want to enjoy them fully. Is It detrimental to my health ?- I don’t know and don’t really care, I love being me and bouncing around (be it a bit lopsided now!!!) and energy permitting will continue to do so.

Long live tiggers!

Magsi x