Anyone in Cambridge area going through treatment?


I have recently been diagnosed with BC and I’m due to be starting Chemo on the 10th July

It would be great to hear from anyone being treated at Addenbrookes at the moment… Completely horrid circumstances to meet under but having someone who knows what you are going through would be really helpful.


Hi i know you posted this a while ago i am being treated at Addenbrookes and have just registered on this site. I was diagnosed in May just had DMx two weeks ago. Would love to be ‘friends’ my family are great but really feel the need to talk to others.

Hi Biggles,
I just posted a reply to you on the rads tread but thought I would put a message here as well.
I was diagnosed in April with 7cm DCIS and 4 areas of invasion. Had mx with immediate LD recon, short intensive course of chemo and have just finished rads at Addenbrookes.
Good luck with getting ready for your rads.
Look forward to hearing how you are.
Love, Sue

Hi Biggles,

Sorry it has taken me a while to reply. I hope you are doing ok. What a rollercoaster ride this is hey? I know what you mean about family and friends being great, but there’s nothing quite like being able to chat with someone who knows just what you’re going through (sadly from experience).

How are you feeling after your operation? I hope you are getting on really well.

Hi Sue, it sounds like you are nearly at the end of your treatments? I hope you are doing well too.

I am due to have my mastectomy and immediate recon next Thursday so feeling pretty apprehensive but I’ll be so relieved once its over. I will have a course of rads Feb/March time I think.

Well it is lovely to hear from you local girls. Please stay in touch as I’d love to hear how you are getting on.

Thanks for your postings.


Hi Tam and Sue,
Hope you guys are doing well. I am having rads at the moment.

Had my Dble about 6 weeks ago and you will be fine Tam, are you having it at Addenbrookes, my stay in hospital was brilliant, the bed was so comfortable, it was only the discharge that was a nightmare!!
I am on radiotherapy at the moment had 5 another 10 to go. Am in Addenbrookes tomorrow also for Herceptin, the travelling is a bit of a challenge, takes about an hour door to door with a bit of a sprint at the end!!! Managed to do my Wii Fit today which made me feel abit better about myself. Hubby got me this new one which is a bit more challenging kids thought it was funny watching me do squats!!!

Love Karen xx


I was diagnosed last week and had surgery here in Bury St Edmunds on Monday and will be having my radiotherapy at Addenbrookes. WLE and axillary went really well and I am feeling positive, though will be glad to have my post operative appointment and find out what full plan will be.
I am new to site and still a bit confused but would like to be in touch with some local ladies.



I am in the Cambridge area but had some private treatment. I had two tumours and some evidence of cancer in the lymph nodes. Therefore I had 6 months of chemo, mx and all lymph nodes removed, then rads at Addenbrookes. All of this finished in May 2008. The key medical people I had all worked at Addenbrookes so please feel free to ask any questions by private message.

with love and prayers for your full recoveries.



Due to start rads any time at Addenbrokes. Post chemo, WLE and clearance 18th Dec. Keep us posed re your treatment plan.


Hi there,

Had WLE last week, will get treatment plan this thursday. This will include rads and chemo, rads likely to be at Addenbrookes, would be really great to be in touch anyone facing the same in next few weeks??

Best wishes to all us gals

Hi i am having herceptin at addenbrookes, had all other treatment there also so not exactly in the same position but happy to answer any questions you may have - i live in the bedfordshire area!
Karen x

Hi , I lost this thread, but discovered how to save them since!

When I last posted here I was hoping that I would be going straight on to rads after my surgery back in Jan, but unfortunately need chemo too and will then have further surgery before the rads, so it will proably be at least Aug before I will making my daily schelp into Cambridge.

In the meantime I am having my chemo at the West Suffolk if there are any Bury girls who’d like to say hello.