Anyone in County Down, Northern Ireland?


Just wondering if there is anyone in County Down, Northern Ireland. I would like to hear from anyone in this area that has had Breast Cancer.

Love Elizabeth

Hi Ferrari

I live in Bangor Co Down and have had breast cancer


HI molly and ferrari,

Im jill and have/had breast cancer!

I live in Ballynahinch co Down,


Hi folks I am Kim was diagnosed 2 years ago and live in Crossgar, Co Down : )

Hi Co Down girls,

I was diagnosed nearly 3 yrs ago at 41, im a single mum of 3 kids under 15 from Ballynahinch, bur kids at school and i work in Belfast.

If anyone wants to chat!

By the way,attending BCH

Jill x

Hi Everyone

I’m not from Co Down but close enough, Lisburn. I was diagnosed April 2007 at age 42. I have two daughters aged 15 and 12 and like Jill I also work in Belfast and attend BCH.

About five minutes ago just before I came across this thread I was just thinking I’d love to be able to talk to someone local who has gone through the same thing, so I’m definitely up for a chat sometime. Maybe we could arrange a NI meet-up somewhere convenient to suit everyone?


hi girls ,

I also live in Lisburn . I was diagnosed march 09 ,aged 42 I have also 2 daughters aged 17 AND 14 , I also work in Belfast and attend BCH. My story sounds so similiar too yours Carolyn .

I have just finished treatment this week ,so i would like too talk with others who have gone through the same thing.

Jules X

Hi Girls,

Lisburn is just down the road!
I maybe a bit further down the breast cancer route, but it never leaves!! I have a mammogram on wed, isnt it strange we have to wait weeks for results,when at first visit we got the devasting news?

Would be lovely to keep in touch


Hi Jill,

Good luck on wed with your mammogram , I didnt no you had too wait a couple of weeks for mono results , as we get our dx results the same day ,unblieveable ,

I Too would like too keep in touch .

Jules x

Hi Everyone,
I also live in lisburn. im 41 with 13 yr old son.
I was only diagnosed with bc last month. had my op last Monday and go to BCH on Thurs to find out results.


Hi everyone

I’m new to this site today. I have been reading all the stories and have finally come off the side line to join in.
I live just outside Belfast. i am 49 and was diagnoised with early breat cancer in May this year. I have had a mastectomy with immediate reconstruction and was fortunate enough not to need chemo nor rads.
i am on tamoxifen now and the side effects are just starting to show…tiredness, headaches,disrupted sleep- however I feel lucky and very humble compared to some of the stories on this site.
I am now recouperating but find the emotional bit difficult.
It’s so hard not to think that every little twinge is perhaps only the aftermath of major surgery and not a reoccurrence of this dreaded illness.
My consultant , Mr mcIntosh, from the BCh performed my surgery and he was brilliant. Will be seeing him this month for a check up and hope to phase myself back to work soon.
I would love to hear from anyone who lives locally.




Hi Everyone

I see Jill has bumped our little thread up; we were going really well for a while there. Anyway, I feel that since there are eight of us at various stages in this rotten journey we could all be of great help and support to each other. I found when I went to ‘Look Good Feel Good’ at Macmillan that I came away feeling great, not just because of the great makeup etc but because I was in a room full of women who knew exactly what I had been through and being able to talk to them was priceless.

I would be very willing to meet up somewhere and have a really good natter. I would suggest maybe a Saturday/Sunday afternoon to suit those who work, and suggest Belfast or Lisburn, although I’m willing to travel anywhere. All suggestions welcomed.

Jill – I’m also a patient of Mr Wilkinson. I hope your mammo results are clear, that two weeks wait can be torturous.

Elaine – Hope your results were the best possible outcome.

Carolyn xxx



Bumping this up for anyone who’s missed it!



Hi Carolyn

So glad you have bumped up this thread up as i replied a while back to a similar thread howver I dont know where it went, it disappeared so I gave up.
I was diagnosed with BC in my left breast in May 2009 and had a full mastectomy in June 2009 in the Belfast City Hospital and my surgeon is Mr McIntosh.
I have been so fortunate that i was diagnosed at the early stages hence no chemo or rads needed.
I am currently on tamoxifen and this will be reviewed in 2 years time.
I live just outside Belfast, Co Antrim and would love to meet up with anyone locally who has been/is going through this experience.

Carol x


Hi Jill how did your mammogram results go?
Carol x

HI girls ,

I haven’t been on for a while, I had wee bit of a scare when i found another lump on my breast . I had an ultrasound scan on thur , thank goodness it was confirmed as fatty tissue and nothing else , although my onco is sending me for an mri as i am having mobility probs with my arm , where my lymph nodes were removed , im still keen too meet up for a chat Lisburn or Belfast sounds great ,not sure how we go about it ,do we just name a time and a place and hope everyone sees the post ,

I hope we can can organise a meetup soon .

Jules x

hi Jules

I would be keen to go along with any plans to meet up with everyone.
I am quite flexible with my time at the moment as i’m still off work for most of the week so I’ll fit in with the rest.
I’m glad you got good news about the lump you found. Don’t know about you but I tend to think every little twinge is a reoccurrence. I’m told that as time goes by however that things get a little better.
I would be quite happy to meet up in belfast or Lisburn if that suits the majority.
Let me know what you think?
Carol x

Hi Ladies

I’m bumping this up again and I’m all set for a meet-up, preferably on a weekend, alhtough I could do lunchtime in Belfast during the week if that would be more convenient for everyone.

I’m also not sure how we would go about this - putting details on the thread or by private messaging.

Hope everyone is keeping ok, I’ve a review appointment with my Onc this month and for the past couple of months I’ve had every ache and pain going and I’m getting fed up with the constant depressing thoughts in my head. I wish I could shake them off but find it very difficult. Hopefully after my appointment I’ll be fine after some reassurance.


Hi Carolyn
Shall we pencil in a date for some Saturday/Sunday, decide a place and hope that we get a positive response from everyone?
As I’ve said previously I can fit in with the rest but with Christmas looming we would need to decide soon and hope that the rest of the girls pick up on the thread!
What do you think?
Carol x