Anyone in Devon?

Hi Heather,had to laugh about your grandaughter - our 2 year old doberman had exactly the same idea!

What are you doing for New Year?, we’re just staying at home & a few friends round, certainly can’t face busy pubs & the thought of getting an elbow in the chest!

Hope you have a great night
Take care,
Love Thelma x

Hi Thelma

We are staying in for the New Year, OH and my 12 year old daughter, she wants stay up so thats what we’ll do, play a few games with her have a quiet drink and hope for a better year.

Have a great evening

Love Heather

Hi Heather
Well its been a busy old week! CT scan last Monday -still a/w results. Meeting with the chemo nurses Monday at which time they decided against using a PICC line as they think they can just about manage with my miniscule veins.
Tuesday was 1st FEC which was a bit traumatic to start with as I almost fainted then my arm got so cold they had to keep me warm with a heat bag. They’ll be fighting over who’s NOT going to give me my next cycle! So far so good, a little nauseus at times but that usually goes if I eat something - hopefuly this is as bad as it gets (fingers crossed).
I saw the kidney specialist this morning who gave me the glad tidings that my kidneys may not withstand the chemo treatment & I could be on dialysis by the end of it, that really cheered me up. Have to wonder if it’s all worth it.
I have an appointment tomorrow with the wig lady & hoping the NHS wigs are ok. Really can’;t afford to splash out £150 -£200.

How are youi getting on?

Love Thelma x

Hi Thelma

Sorry to hear about your kidneys. Don’t know about the wigs as I was lucky enough not to have chemo. Have finished rads, but am very red and sore, had to go back to radio dept and they dressed the square and gave me further dressing to put on which are helping and I have to see the onc on 30th Jan at 11.15 to see what happens next. Have appointment with surgeon in april.

Was hoping to go back to work when I finished rads but am to sore to wear bra so got the gp to sign me off. Have to see him on monday for another sick note. Have chatted to my boss and she says that perhaps it would be best if I start back on 1st Feb on a phased return to see how I feel, and also so that the person they took on to cover my sickness has a bit of time to find another job.

please let me know how you get on with your ct scan will keep everything crossed for you.

Love Heather