Anyone in Dorset had or undergoing masectomy and reconstruction?

Hi there, is there anyone in Dorset that is going through a masectomy and reconstruction at the moment, about to get a date after being diagnosed in July with DCIS then invasive to a masectomy…would love to hear from someone; feel quite scared about the whole masectomy operation, especially how you feel afterwards…x

I am not in Dorset, but had a masectomy and immediate reconstruction with LD flap early October. So far am pleased with theresults. Sore and bruised but keep doing all the exercises to get movement back in my arm and shoulder.
Immediately after the op was difficult due to the drains. Very uncomfortable. Also was very tired. Slept for England, but sleep is a great healer.
Try not to worry, just focus on getting through it and coming out the other side X

Hiya, thank you for your story, I feel ok one minute and scared the next, only because I have not been able to speak to anyone near me that has gone through it… I am a strong person and I know in my heart I will be ok; I think I just worry about how I am going to feel straight after the operation, I just need to get it out the way really… t
Thank you xx


Hello mfdoll,
I read your post, but did not respond because I don’t live in Dorset (although North Devon is not that far) and won’t be having my mx until next year. However, I have had Lumpectomy and radiotherapy followed years later by mastopecty, and reduction on my good side. Before my reconstructive surgery I spoke to three ladies who have also undergone plastic surgery, and found it very helpful. This was arranged through the BCN at my local hospital. Why not get in touch with yours and ask her if she can put you in touch with someone who can tell you what it was like for her?
Margaret x

Have sent you a Pm. X

Hi I live in poole dorset. I had a mx mid August after 6 rounds of chemo, i cant have a reconstruction yet, got to wait 6 months as im due radiotheraphy. I not going to lie it is horrible being in hospital with the drain, but I wasn’t too sore. Make sure you do the exercises, keep the wound clean and cover open areas if scabs come off. I had a large scab area fall off but it was still sore underneath, I ended up getting an infection 6 weeks after the op. if you notice any redness, soreness or tingling contact the bc nurses immediately as the quicker you get antibiotics the better.
emotionally it is a bit of a roller coaster, sometimes I think it doesn’t look to bad and I’m coping, but when I put the whole experience toget her ie thinking about the dx, chemo, fear of spread, my future, my hair etc I do get wobbly. I now have my prossesis which with clothes on makes me look almost like the old me. I must say though it is no where near as bad as I thought it would be, yes is sore sometimes and looks different, but I just remind myself that at least the bloody cancer has gone, and fingers crossed never to be seen again.

thanks Margaret, I have rang the nurses and got more advice, I have also spoken to someone now and feel a little bit better…xxxx

Hi Katty

thank you for your advice, it really helps to hear other stories and how people feel afterwards…I feel as if I am nesting for something…! I know it sounds daft, I am going in Next Tues…so i am tidying up and trying to keep myself busy and make sure the house is in order… I know in my heart i am doing the right thing, but still not sure about the aftermath…I am strong and i will get through it…as you said, when the cancer is gone there is less to worry about. just want to get back to normal again…if there is a normal…xx take care