Anyone in Fareham, Hants with young children?

Just received Diagnosis and have 2 children ages 1 and 4. Want merchant with someone in similar situation!

Bumping this up for Catherine

Hi Catherine, I’m in Chandlers Ford and have a 4 year old!x

I’m in Fareham, but my children are no longer young. I had Invasive lobular BC diagnosed in Nov 2011, had a WLE then a mastectomy, then chemotherapy , then a reconstruction in Nov 2012. My children are grown up, but I’m still young at heart (and some would say mad of mind- post chemo!) and meet another lady who has young children, as my plastic surgeon asked if I would meet up with her. We now have lunch regularly. I used these forums a lot during my chemo period, and now meet up with my “December Darlings” friends a few times a year. I’m here if you want some local support.