Anyone in Greenwich area

Hi, i had a right Mx nearly 5 weeks ago and have been due to start chemo for the last 3 weeks but I have a seroma so they cant start yet. Is there anyone out there who would like to meet up? I feel very alone in the middle of divorce and trying to sell the house!!!

Just bumping this up!! Surely someone lives in my neck of the woods!! I’m quite nice really…

Hi mumszy

I’m at Waterloo which is not that far away from you.

Would have answered sooner but I dont tend to come on here that often.

I’m due to have my lumpectomy end of this month would have been sooner but am on drug trial, then I go the fun route of chemo and rads.

Looks like all the sh*t has hit your fan at the same time.

Well if you want to chat, winge moan go for coffe etc then contact me

I’m in Greenwich area too. Would love to meet up - but can’t for a couple of weeks as am off to sunny Scotland for a holiday. I finished treatment last year (lumpectomy, chemo, rads).

Hi Mumszy,

I am in SE20 area, not too far from Greenwich. Would love to meet up. We can pick a place kind of in the middle for all of us to meet. What do you think?


As you are in Greenwich area are you having treatment in the same hospital as me…The Queen Elizabeth, Woolwich?


Hi justme,

No I have it in central London but I am sure we can work something out when it comes to a meeting point!

lost where i put this notice!! Found it all again today. YES Im at QEH woolwich!! Would love to meet up, had 1st of 6x FEC last thursday and feeling really rough with it, I know its only day 3 but what will it be like after 3 doses?? had my long hair cut last weds and just feeling pretty fed up with the whole horrid business!! Wheres good to meet?

Just bumping this up!! Had some replies but you all seem to have disappeared again!!

Not really in your area as live in East London but love Greenwich and not far by Docklands Light Railway. Would be happy to meet up for coffeee / lunch in Greenwich, what do you think?

Further along than you ladies, but know and understand where you are. I live in Sevenoaks but my family are in Greenwich/Blackheath area and would be happy to meet up.