Anyone in Leicester with Ld Recon

Hi, i live in south Leicester and have recently had Ld Recon at Lri.

Have also recently lost my job so network of friends gone with it.Would love to meet up with anyone in Leicester for a coffee and chat with someone who has been there and got the tee shirt.

I am 53 married dx Jan 07 mx, chemo rads and now left sided recon. Feeling very isolated and lonely

Look forward to hearing from you?


Read your post earlier and see no one has replied. I live in Leicestershire in Whitwick. I had my maestectomy carried out at Glenfield Hospital in April 2008… by the lovely Mr Dzhumar and an immediate reconstruction done as the original diagnosis was DCIS. Unfortunately pathology revealed the DCIS was invasive with lymph node involvement. I am 54. Have travelled the chemo and radiotheraphy route at Leciester Royal Infimary and am currently nearly half way through Herceptin Treatment because I am also HER2 positive… I know how you feel with regards to feeling isolated and lonely. I am from Northern Ireland although my partner is from Burton… I have no family here. A few ladies have been posting recently on this forum about reconstructions being done at the RLI and to be truthful I thought this surgery was only done at Glenfield…but that is wrong.


Hi Lyn. Thank you for replying. Nice not to feel alone

was your recon from your tummy or Ld? Have you had your second op yet to be evened up?

I had mastectomy under miss stotter at Glenfield who is brilliant. I will be grateful to her forever.

Would love to hear from you again and maybe we can arrange to meet up for that coffee?

Hi mounties

Have communicated with you once before. It is great that you have come out of your operation well. I’m having diep sometime around end of June. I can meet you for coffee as I live in Leicester, or you may wish to join a group called bosom buddies that meet once a month at Glenfield Hospital. They are a lovely bunch of ladies and I’m sure there will be someone there who has had LD recon. I can let you have a contact number if you wish.

Best Wishes


Hi Chamomile, Hope i spelt it right?

I heard of Bosum Buddies after my mx at Glenfield. Always intended to go but you never do. I wasn’t sure if i could still go now i am just through recon? Is it mainly aimed at ladies who are getting over diagnosis or is there ladies there as far after as i am. I was diagnosed in 2007.

Would love to meet for a coffee? Wherevers best for you?

Since losing my job at a very big loose end as you certainly find out who your friends are and who you can trust. So would love the opportunity to restart life again by making new friends.

Thank you for posting.

Hi Mounties and everyone on this thread

I have not been on this site for ages so I didn’t realise that there were people from Leicester. I was diagnosed in December 07 had lumpectomy, chemo, radio and am now two doses away from finishing Herceptin treatment.

I went to Bosom Freinds a few times, yes they are a nice lot of women, quite a large crowd. However, when I went I was newly diagnosed and the women I spoke to there had bc some as long ago as 15, 20 years, so although it was reasssuring I didn’t feel that we had a lot in common. They had all moved on and I was still reeling from shock.

I have not been back lately.

I would love to meet up with anyone going through bc, especially receiving Herceptin. Maybe we could meet and have coffee in town sometime?

I am a very young 69 years old ( I know it sounds ancient!) but I feel about 40. Maybe its because I have daughters who keep me young (only wish they could keep me healthy too!) Anyway I am open to anyone who wishes to meet up. Maybe we could all arrange a meeting together.

Love to you all

Judy x

Hi Judy. Nice to hear from you. I didn’t have herceptin so can’t comment on that one but well done for being nearly at the end. It does seem a long road doesn’t it from dx to end of treatment. I know i found chemo particularly awful to get through.

Love your idea of us all meeting up for a coffee. I would definitely be up for that suggestion.

I am 53 but to me age is a number as i certainly don’t feel my age.I have four gorgeous grown up sons who yes also keep me young and i am so very proud of the support they have given me.Family is so important isn’t it when you are battling bc.

Hope to hear from you and the others soon and maybe we can all get together for that coffee.

Christina xx

love to. I am going away for a week from 13th to 20th June but after this we could arrange a time and place. It would be nice to meet up with someone also going through this.

Keep in touch


Hi Judy. Thank you for replying.

I hope you have a lovely well deserved holiday. Does the date coincide with the end of your Herceptin? You ceratinly deserve a good break, hope the weather is kind to you.

We will definitely arrange to meet on your return and hopefully we will hear from Chamomile and Pollysue to say they can join us too. The more the merrier.

I am in Newcastle for the next week staying at my sons.After living here several years ago, it is always good to come back and see the Angel. He is finding it difficult to get used to being alone after his girlfriend recently left him after seven years together.They are always your child aren’t they and it’s nice to repay some of the support he gave me in my darkest hours during treatment for bc.

Anyway have a great holiday and look forward to hearing from you on your return.

Christina xx

Hi Christina

Yes I am really looking forward to my holiday. There are 6 of us going, my husband, my twin daughters, the younger twin’s husband, his 18 year old son by his first marriage and my gorgeous 22 month old granddaughter so fun and games all round! But first I have to get through next week - blood test on Monday, consultant’s appointment on Tuesday and then Herceptin treatment on Friday. I feel as though I live at the LRI!

Enjoy your trip to Newcastle and time spent with your sons. How old are they? We will arrange a meet up the week after next then. Hopefully the other lovely women on this thread will be able to join us.

Judy (()) x

Hi all, finally back from Newcastle. Hope you are all ok and Judy hope your holiday was all you hoped it would be.

I have added my email address and my home phone number to my profile. Would still love to meet up for that coffee and chat. After being so busy in Newcastle trying to get my 27 yr olds son life back on track feels really lonely being home alone again.

Look forward to hearing from you all soon. I hope?

Christina xx

Pollysue and Chamomile. Hope you are both ok would love to hear how life is treating you?

Judy and i have arranged to meet up this Friday at 11 am outside Body Shop in Leicester. Would love it if it was possible for you both to meet up with us.No pink carnations or copies of the Times needed!!!

My home phone number and email address is on my profile so if you can make it please do. Be good to put faces to the user names on here.

Look forward to hearing from you both

Christina xx

Hello all

I live in Hinckley and had mastectomy with immediate LD recon at Glenfield, it was carried out by Miss. K Valassiadou been 3 years now. I am 62 and had my first bc diagnoses 23 years ago with a recurrence in 2006.

Have heard of the Bosom Buddies that meet at Glenfield but have never been.

Just come across this post as I don’t come on the forums much these days.

Best wishes


Hi Jan.Nice to hear from you.

I have arranged to meet with Judy this Friday at 11am if you can make it?

We are meeting outside body shop at the clock tower in Leicester at 11am, would be lovely to meet up and have that coffee and a chat. You would be more then welcome.

Hope you can make it

Sorry can’t make it tomorrow, maybe another time, thanks for asking would have been nice.

Have you two met before?

Have fun


Hi Janice, thanks for replying.

No Judy and i haven’t met before, first time today.I put the posting on here as a means of making new friends as since my job has gone my friends have gone with it.

Sorry you can’t make today but if you would still like to meet up just suggest a time and date and we’ll sort it.

Look forward to hearing from you soon

Christina x

Hi, Not sure if anyone is interested in meeting up still? Judy has managed to find out that the next meeting of Bosom Friends in on July 30th at Glenfield Hospital.

We are arranging to go along together and it would be great if anyone else wants to meet us either there or before the next meeting?

Bc can be a lonely battle to fight and it would be lovely if we could all gain new friendships from it if nothing else.

Hoping to hear from you all soon?

Best wishes
Christina xx

Hi everyone,
I live in Barrow-on-Soar,had masectomy on july 1st 2009.Cannot make 30th July but would like to meet up with anyone n the area for chat etc.
Found forum has lots usefull infobut still nice to chat with others"in the same boat"
onwards and upwards,boatgirl

Hi Christina and other people from Leicester

As promised I rang a really nice lady called June at Bosom Friends to check if the Thursday 30th July meeting was still on. She said yes, meetings are held on the last Thursday of each month. This month there will be a talk on “body treatments”.

Christina shall we meet up at the Glenfield Hospital at 7.20pm? Anyone else who would like to come is most welcome and we would love to see you on Thursday.

love to all

Hi Judy, have messaged you back via Msn just to say yes i will definitely be there on Thursday. Looking forward to it and will be so much nicer waling in with someone, i hate walking in somewhere new alone.

Hi Boatgirl nice to have you aboard.Please excuse the pun. Glad you found this forum it really is a great place to get things off your chest to the only people who understand how it feels to deal with a dx and mastectomy.

My mx was in 2007 and i am now recovering from a Ld recon. Best decision i ever made.

I often go over to Loughborough on a Thursday as i love there market. So if that is easy for you to get to and you would like to meet for a coffee and a chat, please let me know.

Look forward to your reply

Christina xx