Anyone in Lowestoft/Gt Yarmouth area?

Hi,just wondered if there was anyone on here living in the Lowestoft area of Suffolk, i’m newly diagnosed, be good to chat to people in the area x

I’m in Tewkesbury, but know GY well :o)

Hi… I live in Norwich, was diagnosed Oct 09, been through chemo, now on the slow road back to normality, had all my treatments at the N&N, if you would like to chat you can pm me, or chat on here…

Hi Elttiks. i actually live about 14 miles away from Gt Yarmouth, never been to Tewkesbury though, think it’s in Gloucestershire isn’t it.

Hi Tracey,so glad that ur on the road to normality, it sounds like it’s been a long road. I’m having my op at the James Paget hospital but they don’t do radiotherapy so i’ll be having that at the N&N. My op is booked for monday 11th so not long to go now.
Heather xx

It is in Gloucestershire at the point where the rivers Severn and Avon join. Boring little town, full of old buildings.
I moved to GY as a toddler, and back to Tewkesbury when I was 12. Try to get to Yarmouth as often as I can, but this bc has stopped me this year. :o(
Nice to meet you both.

I live in Caister. Just been diagnosed. Op on the 28 July. Would love to

hi i live in orford which is near saxmundham, i know lowestoft very well as my husband works there and my daughter too. i go there quite a lot and have met up with another member of thisforum who lives near quite near by. i was dx with breast and bone mets in jan this year. sue

Hi I live in Ormesby, was diagnosed in January, Just been through Chemo, had Operation on 23rd June. Getting my results tomorrow.

My Grandmother was born in Caister. Tan Lane I think. My mum’s from Gorleston, Cliff Hill. 230 miles is a long way right now.

How lovely to hear from u all. not that it’s nice to all be in this situation but it definately helps to chat with people who understand. Only one of my friends has had BC who is great to talk to, everyone else is well meaning but they just keep telling me to keep positive (which im trying to do) & you’ll be ok ( how do THEY know??)

Melkevb, thinking of u tomorrow when u get ur results, pls keep us update xx

Hi All, Hi! My name is Lynn and I live in Martham, north of Yarmouth. I’ve had various episodes of BC since 2003 and would be happy to chat - either via this forum, on the phone or when I have one of my 3 weekly visits to the James Paget. I have just posted on the Get Togethers forum information about a course that is being run at the James Paget starting tomorrow. If you are interested you can find the post by searching for Great Yarmouth. If you want to talk, send me your phone number or I can send you mine - land line only as the mobile signal here is rubbish!
Love Lynn

I am from Lowestoft.My name is Ievina. Surgery done on 23.08.11. in other country. I am back in Lowestoft now.I have to continue my treatment in James Paget hospital.I would like speak and meet other people from this area.

Hi ZibZab

I’m from Norwich and currently having treatment etc at Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital. They have been brilliant, as a teaching hospital they have the latest technology, and amazing consultants. Can’t rate it highly enough.

If you are ever in the area then the Big C Centre, in the grounds of the hospital, is a good place to visit, they have loads of information and free complementary therapy sessions.

Best wishes