Anyone in/near Ipswich?

Due to have a lumpectomy 7th Oct at ipswich hospital, would love to get in contact with anyone who is about to start similar. All going well i will start radiotherapy early Nov. ~DEB~

Hi, I live in Felixstowe and am now waiting to be referred to the breast clinic in Ipswich because I found a lump in my breast last Friday night. Had to wait until Monday to see a doctor :-)…I am off to Spain at 3am wed morning for 5 days, the doc said to go and just enjoy the sun so I will. I thought that I may as well do that as sit at home worrying!!..Doc said that I will get my appointment within 2 weeks so thats good…How are you now that you have had your lumpectomy? and where do you live, in Ipswich or near by…Val

Hey Deb, I live in Ipswich and am due to start fertility then chemo at Ipswich Hospital before the end of the year. I moved here with my British husband from Australia. I had my surgeries in Aus, firstly, a lumpectomy to remove the lumps and some ducts. Secondly, a re-excision to take out as much of the cancer found as possible and to remove 7 lymph nodes. I have Stage IIB.

I was initially diagnosed with DCIS in Feb this year just before my 36th birthday. A lump was found in July, a month before my wedding. I went to Aus for my surgeries to have the same docs do them.

I’ve just gotten a full time temp role in Ipswich but can chat online or meet up for coffee after work in town or over the weekend.

How did the lumpectomy and results go?