anyone in NW London

Hi Gloria/Ruby, you won’t see this until later now. I’m afraid I’m still slaving away at work (my own fault - I volunteered to do something and am now out of my depth!). I also had an appointment with the GP this morning, which took up more time than I expected, surprisingly - they don’t seem ever to have more than 5 minutes but today I probably had about 30 minutes in all. Anyway it all means I’m not going to be there this evening… I’m sorry as I was looking forward to meeting people in the neighbourhood - but I’m sure there will be other occasions. I hope you both had a good natter.


Hi Naomifel,

Sorry you couldn’t make it. I and Ruby had a good chat and hope that we can all meet up again soon, maybe next or the week after. Let’s know how you’re all fixed. Naomi, hope all went well at the doc’s.

Take care

Hey Ladies,

Hope you’re all well. Here’s wishing everyone a fab christmas and a healthy and absolutely fabulous new year 2010. Happy holidays!!!


Hope you all have a very Happy Christmas and hopefully we can all meet in the new year.

Eliza xx

Wishing you all a lovely Christmas and New Year

Hey ladies,

Hope everyone’s doing ok. Anyone up for meeting up sometime soon? Pls post your ideas of where and when.

Take care


Hello Ladies,

I’ve recently been diagnosed with BC (on the 6th of April) and I’m starting chemo next Thursday (the 29th of April) before any surgery. I’m 34 and I’m still shocked about this thing happening to me. I live in West London and would love to meet up with you and get some advice/tips.

Hi fighter34,

Sorry to hear about your dg. I was 33 when it all started for me. It gets better with time. Yes you can meet up with us when we do get a date sorted. Chemo can be brutal but you’ll get through.

Ladies, anyone up for meeting next week? Do let me know asap.