Anyone in padiham or burnley

Hi im new to this site and looking for anyone who has had a reconstruction done im 37 and had mx 2 years ago had the chemo and radio but im finding it hard to get my head around the next part any help I have 4 children as well

Hi Lynz4
There is already a thread for those of us in the Burnley area. It’s here

I can’t help you as I haven’t had a mx. I am still waiting to start chemo after a lumpectomy, but I am being treated at Burnley Hospital. How are you doing after your treatment?

Im doing fine now just waiting for the new op treatment is a distant memory now a bit like labour u forget how bad it was but saying that it wasnt as bad as I thought it would b need anything or want to ask anything please do as when I was going though it I wish I had someone that had been there and done it

Thank you Lynz xxxxxxxxxxxxxx and good luck with the reconstruction.