Anyone in SE London?

Hi! I would like to get in touch with other women treated at Kings/St Thomas’s hospitals to exchange views and experiences. Last week I had a long chat with a fellow patient while in the waiting room and I found it very useful. Regards.

Hi there,

I am being treated at Kings (breast clinic, chemo) and St Thomas’ (surgery). I have just finished chemo and rads now just on Tamoxifen and have my second monthly check-up in a couple of weeks. Happy to share my experiences.
I’ll pm you


I had all my treatment at Guys - 2 x surgery, 15 rads(one session of rads at St Thomas). Now on Tamoxifen, back at work which is also at Guys. Happy to share.

Pat x

Hi Pat! Unfortunately the links don’t work for me so as to send you a PM! I’m glad you are back to work. My breast team is from Kings and I only go to St Thomas for reconstruction. Still in the beginnings (op only three weeks ago).

Hi, who’s your surgeon at sth? I used to work in Plastics and our breast surgeons were Mr Roblin/Ho-Asjoe/Ross. I used to sit the Monday afternoon clinics which used to be mammoth, think they still are.

How are you feeling after op? Did you have full mastectomy and what sort of recon?

I’ve found that all my treatment has been excellent. The worst thing has always been the waiting around. I’ve always found the staff great and very supportive which is just what’s needed when going through all this.

Bright, so you too had surgery at tommies, who was your surgeon?

Pat x

Hi Pat! Sorry about the delay, I was KO for a few days and can’t make links work so can’t “save” discussions!
The plastic surgeons you mentioned are still there but mine was Miss Mohanna. I had full mastectomy and ax clearance, which were done by the breast team. The plastic team had decided on an implant because I am small (BMI 18) and they put a strattice and an expander (eeek!).
Surgery was on Aug 18 so still recovering. I have been “inflated” for the first time last Monday (clinic still mammouth but it took me 15 minutes to be able to announce my arrival, did you work in reception by the way??). Expander looks terrible and hurts and I wonder how my breasts are going to look and if they’ll be able to make them look alike.
By the way, you wait even more at Kings!

I’m also being treated at King’s/St Thomas’s. I had a mastectomy with immediate reconstruction plus axilla clearance 3 weeks ago and am now waiting to begin chemo (3x Fec/3x Taxofere) followed by 5 weeks of radio. Would be interested in your experiences of the different departments. I found the breast team at King’s to be brilliant, the plastics team good but a bit impersonal(and the aftercare decidedly less impressive) and my experience of the oncologists to date is less positive. First time I’ve felt like just a number was with the consultant oncologist. Hope your experience was better.

Hi everyone,
My mum has just been diagnosed at Kings and is currently doing all the tests. Mastectomy on one side for sure and deciding on recon. They talked about the strattice thing and this is what my mum wants to go for as she did not want any of the other options, she is also small framed and small bust like you Nikiya. Its been nearly 2 months Nikiya since your post - how are you feeling, hope its going well for you.
Good to hear your thoughts Max and hope your chemo starts soon.
Anyone have any thoughts on no recon, going to have a read on the forum, been learning so much, wish my mum was more internet savvy as this is a great place

hi all im being treated at guys and would like to meet people in the same boat as me