anyone in south-east London?

As I work I’m not able to get to the support groups at our hospital (Guy’s and Thomas’s). Does anyone live in my neck of the woods?

Hi Blackheath

I live in SE16 and had all my treatment at Guys I never used the support group at St Thomas’s as not so easy to get to and now I am back at work also, if you live in blackheath you are only down the road from me.


I live in New Cross, SE14. I have finished all my treatment. Got discharged last week from oncology. I am now just under my surgeons for check ups. Do feel free to contact me for a chat.

Love Christine xxxx

Hi Blackheath,

I live in Eltham so only just down the road from you if you live where your name suggests! I don’t go to any support groups here as had all my treatment and surgery (incl 2nd mastectomy and recon two weeks ago) in Norwich as I was living there when diagnosed.

Would be happy to meet up if you like - am particularly fond of the mussels in Zero Degrees!

Sally xx

How lovely to have some replies! Is anyone free on Sunday? (15th) How about meeting at Zero Degrees in Blackheath at 12.30. You’ll recognize me by my chemo curls! It would be great to meet local people.


I would have loved to have met up with you but have only just seen your reply and I have family visiting tomorrow so will have to say another time - maybe an evening?

Hope you get some more replies.

Sally xx

Hi Blackheath

Just seen your message I am unable to make tomorrow but would like to meet up, maybe we could arrange something for next weekend or one evening as Sally suggested.

Hope to hear from you soon

Lesley xx


Let’s arrange one evening then soon in Blackheath. I’m told it’s best to arrange it via the private messaging system - will try to get to grips with it!

take care

I am Deborah and I am 27 and receiving my treatment at QEH. I just had 1st chemo on the 7th May and next one is on the 28th. I live in Plumstead. Anyone care to meet up and/or be my buddy?

Hi Blackheath - I’m also in Blackheath! Unfortunatley I have 65 people coming to a BBQ on Sunday (rugby club end of season do) and then start rads on Monday - so no free time at the moment. Would be very happy to meet up another time though.