Anyone in Suffolk / Norfolk areas undergoing treatment


Just wondered if there is anyone out there undergoing treatment, be it new or existing for bc in the Suffolk / Norfolk areas. I live in north suffolk and being treated at Ipswich Hospital. Any info would be gratefully welcomed and appreciated.

Kind regards Leigh xx

Hey. I am in norwich and have just finished radio after WLE and chemo. Would be happy to answer any questions you may have altho cant say ill be able to answer them!!


Hi S

Thanks for responding - I’m due to see Breast Surgeon and Oncologist tomorrow re. last surgery results and whatever they plan for me. I’ve been led to believe by BS that Rads could start just after Xmas and she’s also discussed chemo with me but until I see them tomorrow and get those results … On the one hand I’m desperate to get started but on the other - for me this is when it becomes all too real. I still have days when I’m sure I don’t have cancer and I’m living someone elses life!!!

I’m usually quite an upbeat person - not usually rattled by too much however I saw the thread ‘Mx a doddle’ and being a bit of a curious individual made even more curious by the somewhat perplexing title it was given, I just had to have a look - Wow!!! I saw your posting on ‘Mx a doddle’ and have to say I am in total agreement with you.

No doubt after tomorrows clinic appt I will be asking more questions of you than you might want to answer - you may even regret posting here!!:

Whats in store for you now? Tamoxifen has been suggested to me for 5 years - a cousin of mine wants to know if I will be able to consume alcohol when I am on this, I think he’s worried there will be no wine at the dinner table when he comes for dinner!!!lol:)

Will keep in touch - you take care of you and your little one’s.

Big Hug Leigh xx

PS Cleesyb is my dogs nickname - don’t ask me why, her real name is cleo!!

Good luck tomorrow.It helps when the plan is in place.

I didnt believe i had cancer until i was sitting in the chemo lounge for my first cycle! couldnt avoid it then!! then i burst into tears!
Tamoxifen next for me for 5 yrs. You can drink on it but the alcohol may make the hot flushes worse.

THAT post!! Cant believe the insensitivity of some… Often people say “i am entitled to my opinion!!” to cover themselves. What even if it makes others cry and feel a failure…!!! jeez…

anyway, i feel very unwell and kids are cranky as its near to bedtime…bit fraught.

Good luck again


Aw Sue

Cranky kids and feeling unwell is just horrible. Get your litle ones settled, then snuggle under duvet and have a good old fashioned wallow - wish I could do more than a cyber hug but one on its way now!:slight_smile:

Take care of yourself

Leigh xx

Soz to burst in, but like yourslef, it rearlly hit me when i first looked at the chemo chair. the nurse left me on my own and i just could not sit down on it …very upset, then Michael Jackson came over radio with you are not alone, I just sat on it then , wierd how things happen

take care xx

Hi Sue and truffleshuffle

Well had my appt and I’ve got to have chemo then Rads and Tamoxifen. 6 sessions of FEC then 18 rads etc etc. I just had a feeling I was gonna end up needing chemo although the 2nd WLE had got a clear safety margin this time, the Oncologist and Breast Surgeon feel that as my tumour was oestrogen positive and they cannot be sure there isnt a rogue cell lurking anywhere then this was my best option. Hopefully the chemo will stop my ovaries from working so if there was a cell who could feed from the oestrogen my ovaries are currently producing then this would eliminate that eventuality as well.

Any tips you may have would be very welcome - I’m resigned to the fact this is the plan and chemo has always been a great fear for me but I’m prepared to have it if its going to give me a better chance of recovery.

Sue - i hope you are feeling a bit better - any plans for your weekend?

Truffle - r u anywhere local? Any plans? Any suggestions for me?

Take care ladies regardless

Love Leigh xx

Hi Leigh, I have had my treatment at the N&N and your case is so similar to mine - had to go back for 2nd op for wider margins etc and mine was eostrogen +. I had 6 courses of FEC earlier this year. My periods stopped after th 1st lot and havent returned! (Now on Tamoxifen for next 5 years) I was due to have rads after but following 2nd Op I was in agonising pain in rib area and secondaries were found in “hot spots” in my bones so the Onc has held back the rads cos if it gets worse these can be blasted! Was so frightened by this but I just take a daily bone strenghthening tablet and I have spoken to others on here who have lived with it for many years so the panic has subsided. I was able to function ok during the chemo - a few rough days then was able to go back to work. Finished chemo in august and started to get my hair back immediately and ditched my wig about 3/4 weeks ago. I have met Sue at the hospital and talked to her on here for some months - I found it a great comfort to talk to other ladies in same situation. So, if you have any queries, ask away - my best advice is, listen to your own body and rest as much as you can. It is do-able - take all the support you can get and let us know how you are doing. Take care, Lots of love Debbie x

Hello Debbie

Thanks for your post - I wish I had chosen the N&N when the GP asked me where I wanted to be referred. It would have been nice to know both you and Sue were around even if we never met there. I chose Ipswich because I was working there at the time but since being diagnosed I’ve been signed off sick and the general opinion from my own team and those treating me is I’m better ‘off sick’ as the risk of picking up an infection especially now with chemo is too great for me to go back - I’m not sure that says an awful lot about Ipswich Infection control policy!!

Can you tell me what a ‘hot spot’ is. I’m so sorry to learn you have secondaries, and cannot imagine the fear you had in teh beginning. Its ironic but I have been getting rib pain/ache since July, well before the diagnosis for bc on the same side in Oct but no one seems to be too interested. I am going to be having a CT scan in the next 3 - 4 weeks but chemo Nurse thought this is likely to be after the 1st session of chemo. I’m also having a heart scan to check for any problems that the chemo may precipitate, did you have this? All hospitals seem to have a different protocol which seems a bit weird. Should I get the CT scan done before chemo starts? Its promising news for me anyway that your periods stopped so quickly. I’ve had a hysterectomy so have no physical sign of periods, just the odd low groin pain for a few days when I think I ovulate so I’m going to concentrate on seeing if this continues or disappears once chemo begins and again your experience has made me feel brighter about it as I really do not want anymore oestrogen travelling about! Your advice re. listening to my body is one I definttiely will be following.

Having read so many of the forum posts here I know it is do-able, so many of you have all done it and managed to cope so admirably I am somewhat in awe of you all. Support wise my husband is brilliant though I worry how he will cope if I get very sick/fatugued with the chemo bless him. I really do not want to worry our daughters too much with it all hence my being on here - as a rule I am quite a private person who generally just gets on with things but for the first time I have found myself pouring my heart out to complete strangers on-line and that is also something I’m still trying to get my head around :).

Any tips you have for coping I gladly welcome and I am just so grateful to everyone who takes time to post. Big Thanks and Hugs

Leigh xx

Hi Leigh.

No Iam not local I am in Manchester, and attend christie for chemo, all I can say about chemo is … dont suffer any side effects tell the medical team as soon as you deveop any , if any, . I am on a different regimen to yourself and my main Se has been constipation ,which is now under control. I have also found drinking water helps.

I have another 2 to go and lookng back it has gone quickley and i have been able to do things, but must say I have great admiration for the ladies on here who have got young children to look after , whilst on chemo

take care it will soon be completed xx

Hi all, Leigh hot spots are small areas around the body where the breast cancer cells have settled. I have one on each rib cage, one on my spine, hip and pelvis. I am not in any pain at the present. I had a CT scan after horrendous rib pain after my 2nd op and thats when they found them (was already on chemo so take the scan as it makes no difference) - lots of women seem to get the rib pain following surgery and most are not secondaries so dont get worked up over that one!
Yes, had heart scan - its just to check the heart is fine and no obvious problems cos the chemo attacks good and bad cells so that is VERY normal. Truffle is spot on - dont suffer any side effects if the anti sickness pills dont work ask to change them and another tip is if they give you steroids to take I always took them befor 4pm otherwise I was awake in the early hours, drinking plenty of water helps with any constipation too. You will go through so many emotions - I got cheesed off with people saying how brave I was - what options were there except grit the teeth and get on with it but they were only trying to help. I am on my own with a 10year old and that is incentive enough to continue to survive and I am extremely positive and optomistic about the future and was from the start. Keep posting, will help all I can! Lots a love to all Debbie x

Hi Debbie

You poor soul, what a bummer thing to happen to you. I had no idea breast cancer cells could do this (hot spots) - i am very naive to all this but OMG, how you have coped is truly admirable and inspiring. I have it easy really - I do not have any young ones to look after or worry about unlike you and Sue but I more than understand how they make you want to fight and do whatever is necessary to extend your survival chances. Your optimism is quite evident in how you write and I very much appreciate the advice etc - its all being taken on board believe me!:).

Call me a bit of a saddo - but despite finding out about having to have chemo and doing the info gathering bit my weekend has not been too bad - made somewhat easier by Chris and Ola getting into the Strictly semi’s and Joe McElderry getting into the final of Xfactor!! I have not in the past paid that much attention to programmes like this but since I was diagnosed I’ve become a bit of a nut for these shows - does cancer have this side effect?!! lol :slight_smile:

Hope you had a nice weekend and you are okay - if I think of anything more will certainly be picking your brains.

Love and best wishes Leigh xx