anyone in Swindon/Wiltshire

Posted on behalf of new user angela:-

I have just being diagnosed with bc on Tuesday, and have just got my appt for the 22nd Feb, to be followed by radiotherapy. having read some of the messages I am obviously feeling the same as alot of you out there, which makes me feel a bit better. As we have only recently moved into the area I am not working at the moment so have no work friends or colleagues to talk too, so feeling a bit isolated. Is there anyone in the Swindon area that I can get in touch with?
Ang xx

Hi, if you like to send me a pm, I am in Swindon! We have a local support group & I can give you the details, you’re not alone! Tina

Hi Tina,

Where is this support group, I’m just outside Swindon.

Jill x

Hi Jill, sent you a pm with details. Tinaxxx