Anyone in Swindon, Wiltshire?

Just being nosey! Interested to know if anyone using this website is in Swindon, Wiltshire my home town? It is nice to know the names of people going through the same thing and to know they are also close by. Sounds strange but i know what i mean, unless i have gone completely mad since my dx in May, which i must admit is a HUGE possibility! LOL

Gaynor x

HI Gaynor,

I am not far away in Cirencester but treatment in Wroughton. Dx on the 15/08 had surgery and to see onc tomorrow about start date of chemo. Really scared as told hormone and her2 neg and all I have read is although good response to chemo more likely to recur!! Great as have to very little babies.

Sending you good wishes up the A419

C xx

Hi zjlove,

I am also hormone and her2 neg. I had a left mastectomy and lymph nodes removed. I was very lucky as i was clear in the lymph nodes and the margins around the lump and the blood vessels. My chemo is precautionary so all i can do is just hope that if one random cell is lurking about this will get rid of it. But like you and probably everyone on this website the thought of recurrence will never go away.

Sending you good wishes also back up the A419.

Gaynor x