I have lobular breast cancer - grade 2? and was due to have a mastectomy/reconstruction on Thursday, 27th. I have just been told that this has been cancelled due to staffing issues in the theatre. My new date is the 7th November 2011. I angry, upset, frightened and perplexed that in this day and age so near to a op it can be cancelled. Has anyone else had this problem?

hi i am from sheffield i have tnbc and very upset finding it so hard to cope love miss allyson

hi anyone in sheffield weston park having treatment for triple negative bc neen to talk to others in similar situation feel very alone from miss allyson

Hello - I had a mastectomy in April this year - stage 2 no node involvement. Fortunately didnt need chemo or radio but am on Arimidex. Was wondering if anyone else is on this drug and if they are experiencing any side effects. I have been on it for about four months now and am starting to feel a little stiff and have some back pain. Other than than so far so good. Also I seem to recall seeing on here a while ago that there is a group of BC survivors who meet up in Sheffield every now and again and am would beinterested in meeting others whove been through the same thing.