Anyone in the Sittingbourne area?

I have recently moved to Sittingbourne and would love to meet others in the area.
I was diagnosed 2 years ago, finished my chemo & radiotherapy last April and after a year of full time work decided to pack it all in and moved with my family to Sittingbourne.

I am further down the coast at Whitstable, which is quite near…
I’m away for a little while now but would love to get back to you asap. My treatment was about 30 months ago now but with two scares this year I still feel vulnerable.
No one really understands but us. Friends and family never ever speak about it at all and yet the niggles and worries do appear from time to time and I find it quite lonely. I run a support group for others at Canterbury Hospital but never really speak about my own causes for concern.
I’m working and doing all sorts of things, so life is good but a BC pal would be great.

Welsh girl x

Well done for your decision to finish work. I’ve reduced mine but it is often an unhealthy chore in life!
Hope you’ve enjoyed your new location in Kent.

Hi Welsh Girl,

I have sent you a message. It would be good to have you as a BC pal :slight_smile:

Hi Juro I have sent you a PM

Hi Tinfish
Have sent you a PM

Hi Tinfish & Welsh Girl,
I have sent you both a PM, but not sure if you have received them or if its not working.