Anyone in the south west area having treatment at Derriford?

hi, just wondered if there was anyone down in the south west, Devon/ Cornwall, having treatment maybe at Derriford? I was dx in October, had mx with recon in november and now waiting for chemo to start in January. Thought I was going to get through all this without wanting to talk about it, but as the chemo gets closer I feel that’s not actually true. Cancer can be a very lonely world if you’re not careful…would be nice to be able to tlk about stuff without feelinglike you are going on about it to people who don’t know what it feels like.

Sarah x

Hi Sarah

Being treated in Taunton but live on Devon border, a group of us are meeting in taunton on 12th…in the pub! Want to come up and join us for lunch? we are the NOT a support group, group LOL

Thanks for the invite but I have my first chemo on the 12th…eek… I actually live up in north Cornwall, tintagel area but am staying at my parents in launceston whilst i have treatment as my oh works up in London and have 2 small boys to look after, thank heavens for supportive family!
Sarah x

Hi Sarah

I’m in Cornwall but the far SW and had chemo etc. at Treliske in 2009. I was diagnosed in March and had chemo then mastectomy followed by radiotherapy. In Nov this year I had a recon. at St. Micheals Hayle.

Please feel free to ask any questions regarding chemo. I found this site invaluable when I was going thro it - just to know that others are feeling the same gives you so much encouragement and detirmination to get to the end! Everyones treatment is different as it is tailored to you - after all we are different - but side effects etc are similar. Best of luck. You will probably find you will strike up friendships with others that have chemo in the unit every 3 weeks - it becomes a club! xxx

Keep in touch Sarah as I’m often down your way working…and just going that way for fun too. If you need to yell about anything or just need to have a coffee n cake just let me know. I have kids too youngest is 8 xx

Thanks for the offers! Shall def stay in touch and let you know how it’s going( that means a small winge occasionally and probably a million questions!) xx

Hi Sarah. My name is Lynn and I was diagnosed in September last year. I had a lumpectomy in October and on my 3rd round of chemotherapy at Derriford hospital, plymouth. I am having TAC therapy, 1 dose every 3 weeks. Please feel free to get in touch on here or on facebook, or email me. I hope you are doing ok, you may have had your first chemo by now, I hope you aredoing okay xx

Hello, I’ve just been diagnosed dcis, had a lumpectomy 19 Jan at derriford, now need mx. This should be early march. I’m hoping for reconstruction. I’d love to be in touch with others in the area. Lynne.

Hi Lynne and everyone else… Hope everyone is doing ok.
Lynne, I had my mx and recon at derriford and see my oncologist there but am having my chemo at Tavistock. They only do one clinic a week, down in the physio dept, and there’s only about 8 of us get seen there. It makes such difference not having to trek to Plymouth for me, and the parkings so much easier!! Which consultant are you seeing? I saw mr drabble who is wonderful.
I am 11 days into fec2 now, doing ok apart from totally exhausted all the time… I think I’ve only been out about 5 times in the last 11 days. Shaved all my hair off about 2 weeks ago and am slowly getting used to it…my 5 yr old hates it, screamed every time he saw me for about a week!! As soon as all the fuzz has gone I’ve said the kids can paint my head!
Anyway, feel free to message me if you like Lynne…
Hope your TAC is going ok Lynn, iveheard it s worse than fec, is that true?? If so, sending you extra hugs and good positive thoughts.
Looking forward to the spring time, some warm weather and hopefully seeing the back of all this horrid stuff!!