Anyone In West Yorkshire??

Is anyone on here from Heckmondwike/Cleckheaton are of West Yorkshire? I was diagnosed 21st Jan and had WLE and SNB with mammoplasty on 17th Feb. Now waiting for results from surgery and will then start chemo. Looking for someone to chat with or maybe meet up for coffee who is at a similar point in their journey. My best friend went through this 2 years ago and whilst she is being a tower of strength and also my inspiration to fight this it would be good to talk to someone who is going through it now. Thanks Helen x

Hi, I’m East Yorkshire so not that near but happy to chat on here. I’ve had WLE, then ANC, will start chemo in April. I’m 42, was a big shock. Hope you are doing ok xx

Hi Sarah. Thanks for replying. I’m 44, no kids and been with my partner for 20 years. I went off on sick from work the day before my surgery and I feel very alone at the moment. My partner has gone back to work as he is self employed and all my friends work so I get no visitors during the day. Just me and the dogs. I guess it’s true when they say “life goes on”. I’m dreading my results on 7th March as don’t want any more surgery. No idea what my left boob looks like as dressings still on. Feeling very frustrated that I can’t do simply things like wash my own hair. I’m also very angry that this is happening to me. I know that normal but I keep getting weepy for no reason. I assume I too will start chemo in April and will definitely be trying the cold cap as I am totally freaking out about losing my hair. Helen xx

Helen I understand how you feel. Life goes on as normal around you and we are just supposed to get on with it. Unless you have BC yourself no one understands it is am emotional nightmare. I am waiting for my appt for my results hoping to get it next few days. When did you have you Op and what did you have done. My lumpectomy was 22nd I took dressings off Sat. My pain is ok and I have good arm movement so am pleased. Sat in house with a cuppa watching the dog play. Hope you have a good day. X

Hi LMB212. I had WLE and SNB with mammoplasty on 17th Feb. They told me not to touch dressings till i go back on 7th March. I just feel very alone and like you say if you haven’t had BC you can’t possibly understand how it feels. I had two lumps 13mm and 8mm very close together so one large lump removed but I also have 2 patches of DCIS which is still there so I keep freaking out about what it’s doing and is it spreading etc. I went into my 2nd appt wanting a mastectomy but surgeon told my WLE was best way to go. I keep praying that he knows what he’s doing!!! Enjoy your cuppa. Helen xx

I had central excision and SNB so I have no nipple on the right now. I was told to take my dressings off after a week. Made it easier having a shower and bath albeit I still have sticky bits on me. We have to rely on the experts they will do what is best for us. It’s all the waiting that is the worse. I just want to know what my treatment plan is so I can prepare for it and get back to work in the meantime. Lou x

Hi Helen and Lou, I also had WLE and SNB right side and so am nipple less that side. 2 of 3 nodes had traces of cells so then had ANC, 21 removed, all clear. I’m seeing the oncologist Friday, have been told to expect chemo, radio and tamoxifen, they call it the ‘belt and braces’ approach for younger women. I’m back at work this week (I teach in secondary school) but on a very reduced timetable. I understand the alone feeling Helen, I had people popping in on lunch breaks and friends who work from home call in, but it’s not normal is it. I’m planning on working part time until chemo starts. I too was told to get dressing changed after a week. I cried when first looked at my boob but it has healed well now, had more irritation under my arm after ANC. Are you able to drive yet? Is there anyone locally you could visit? Even popping to the shops helps, or can you dog walk? We have 2, my elderly lab doesn’t need a lead so I was walking him on the fields within a few days and felt better for 20 mins fresh air. Hugs to you xx

I agree re exercise Sarah. So you are nipple less on the right as well. I think we could start a new trend. I am going back to work Monday I am bored and feel ok. I was told no driving for 2 weeks so should be OK for next week. I want to know what my plans treatment plan is. I am expecting chemo one due to my age just turned 45 and secondly it’s a grade 3. I am ok with the look of my boob as a G cup I still have plenty just looks more square and not as droopy. X

Not sure if I am nippleless or not. The surgeon said he would try and save nipple if he could but margins were tight in relation to size of lump. I’m only a B cup so can already see a difference in size. Ironically my left was already smaller than my right one!!! I am going to ring my breast care nurse about dressings as they are starting to itch. Hope you enjoy your evening ladies xx

And you Helen. Hope we all get to meet up at the planned get to get her that Bloss is arranging. Looking forward to hearing from her following her Op. I fancy a glass of wine tonight. X

Hi Helen and Lou. Lou, I’m an F cup, also now a bit shorter and more square on the right! I will be having chemo again due to age, (42) and mine also grade 3. I’m ER +, score 7/8 and HER2- so tamoxifen for 10 years. I started driving this week 2 weeks after surgery. My arm is still sore, like a sunburn feeling, but I can drive ok. Helen if you are itchy definitely ask about getting the dressing changed, you may not even need it on now. The first bath after removing them, along with the obligatory glass of wine was bliss! Hope Blossom is doing well. I’ve just got back from taking my daughter riding, feet up and coronation street next! First day back to work tomorrow, my school have been fab, I live a mile from school so am going in only yo teach my GCSE classes, 8 hours a week. Can’t wait, a bit of normality and there I’m ‘Miss’, not anything to do with cancer ?? enjoy your evening too, xx

Good that your going back to work Sarah I can’t wait not used to doing nothing . I know I am ER postive didn’t get score though haven’t been told re HER2. Hopefully get full results shortly. Under arm a little sore and bit numb but otherwise I feel ok. X

Waiting for date at this stage Sarah. If it doesn’t come in the post tomorrow I will ring BCN. Some of my work colleagues are taking me out for lunch tomorrow so I am looking forward to that. Can’t wait to get to work and be normal for a while. Just praying the surgery has got all of the cancer then just have to get through the preventive treatment. It is all so surreal and sometimes I feel like I am in a parallel universe. Just laughing at my hormonal teenage son arguing with his Dad about the volume of his mobile phone. X

Hi Helen
I live in East Yorkshire so a bit far.
Have you looked at the “Events,campaigns and meet ups” thread you may find someone there you can meet.
You will find loads of support here but also understand your need for a personal contact.
Keep talking.
Sending hugs

My results day is 7th March and I’ve had appt letter since before my actual surgery. I will definitely be having chemo and herceptin as I am HER2+. Radiotherapy and tamoxifen were also mentioned so I guess I’m getting the “belt and braces approach” due to my age too. Dreading the hair loss which I know sounds very vain but I can’t imagine myself bald!!!

Hi Jane, I’m allergic to ibuprofen makes me sick and itchy. Helen and Lou keeping everything crossed for your results. Looks like we will all be looking mighty fine in those belt and braces! Ashamed to say I too am dreading the hair loss, I wish I didn’t mind. Will be giving the cold cap a go xx

Hi Helen,


I’m from the Leeds area, Wetherby, and have recently been diagnosed.  I’ve not got a plan yet but I may be having chemo first then surgery later.  Being newly diagnosed I don’t know all the accrynms used on this site so I’m a little confused by some of the posts but I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it ?.  I’m a bit less phased by the prospect of chemo as supported my husband through a 3 year battle with Lymphoma so am used to chemo and trips to the hospital although we now have 2 young sons and I’m worried how this is going to impact on them.  I’m just trying to deal with telling everyone especially as close family have been through it already with my husbands illness. Ali X 


Hi sarahkears
I live in Hornsea ?

Got appt for results Thursday 10th March. Plan to go back to work Monday but work reduced hours that week to ease myself back in. Will do a bit of driving over the weekend in addition to make sure I am confident driving to and from work. Hope everyone feeling ok today. X

Welcome Ali not that would have wanted to join this group. You will find great support and comfort from ladies who know exactly how you feel. Big hugs x