Anyone Interested in a Leeds W. Yorks meet up?

Hi to all Yorkies,

There seems to be a few ladies use the forums from Leeds/W.Yorks.

Wondering if any of you would be interested in meeting up, or exchanging info.

I think it would be good for us all to chat and support each other, as no-one understands this blasted illness like our fellow sufferers.

Looking forward to hearing from any ladies, any age, a mixed age group would be good.

I finished chemo on 12th Jan and I’m having a lumpectomy 23rd Feb followed by rads.

Libby x

I think that’s a lovely idea. I’ve had WLE and ANC, chemo and now having rads at Leeds finishing 15th Feb. Would be really nice to meet up. Julia x

That’s great Julia, we’ll see how many more ladies are up for it, then try and arrange a convenient date.

Don’t know about you but, I’ve not had a chat to others’ going through this dreadful journey and do think it will help us.

I’m away until Mon/Tues, but may get online, if not I’ll be here Tues.

Libby x

Good idea, how about the week before libsue’s op, so we can wish you well?
It would also suit me then, because I “should” by in an “up” phase, following 1st tax on 3rd and 2nd on 24th. Would that be OK for you, southernlucy?
Also suggest we should meet somewhere nice, to treat ourselves and have a really good experience.
Hope that other tykes will join us.
Looking forward to sharing with you …


Hello ladies,
Guess where I’m from?
I’m up for a meeting would be lovely to meet up with other ladies who know what you are going through.
I’ve just got back from my 2nd op had ANC prev had SNB and WLE.
Once I’ve recovered got to have 6 X FEC and 15 rads so maybe able to meet before I start it all.
Feeling very fragile today and had to arrange for kids to go places cos can’t cope! OH is looking after me and house and anyway Its just hard going having BC.
So where do you all live I’m in moortown near alwoodley! I’m 39 have grade 3 IDC and one node involved. I’ve got some strong painkillers which are making me feel very strange but nice.
So that’s me!
Love Fran

hi there, i am yorkshire lass, but south yorkshire, junction 37 M1 to be exact, so your just a few junctions away for me - so can i still join you ladies? - as i seem to be between leeds and sheffield so stuck in the middle if you know what i mean. not much in way of groups here, they all seem to be sheffield or leeds being the nearest cities to me. thought i may venture to the haven at some point, heard it is really good. so not been able to chat to anyone other than on this site who’s going through the same thing.

anyway i am 39, dx late november. just had another wle on wednesday - so crossing my fingers now. from first wle and snb lump was grade 1, ductal. if wle is ok will be rads. its er+ so hormone therapy is on cards as well. not spoke to onc about details yet though as been dealing with surgery first.

TTM xxx

I’m in Leeds and would love to meet up. I’m 7 years post chemo, MX and rads but have had many more ops since. Am having tests now for poss kidney damage
lol Louise


*Holds up hand*

I’m six years post diagnosis and currently NED.
Had a WLE, SNB, rads and am triple neg. Still got ‘issues’ resulting from the whole sorry experience and would love to meet up with you all.

Allexie x

It’s wonderful that so many are interested, shall we leave it a few more days and see if any other ladies show an interest?

Libby x

I am about an hours drive away from Leeds so I would probably be up for this too.


ST, that’s great, it would be lovely to meet you. Oh, and anyone else from outside West Yorks.

I’m in Far Headingley/West Park. I imagine we are all going to be spread around the city, so maybe a meet up in the town centre?

I think its a lovely idea to meet up - we have at least one thing in common!! We understand absolutely what each other is going through, better than our friends and family do.

Flipping cold tonight isn’t it? I am sat at my computer resting my arms on a hot water bottle but also have a drink close to my right hand! Well it is Saturday night (just)

I live in Rawdon, born in Leeds brought up in Worcestershire. My first job was in Mexborough, so South Yorkies can bring me up to date.
Currently having pre adjuvant chemo to try to shrink the b***** which is triple negative. Two cycles of EC have not affected the tumour, so switching to Docetaxel next week for next 2 treatments, then another MRI to see if it’s effective. Had SLNB before Christmas, all nodes clear. Other members of group have already helped by sharing their experience.
Looking forward to meeting fellow Tykes.
Hugs - even virtual ones help!

I’m game, just let me know when and where.

Pat x

if thinking of town centre then west yorkshire playhouse has a cafe and near to bus station

Hi I live in West Leeds, Rodley area, and would love to meet up.

I’m 2 years from DX. Had MX, chemo, rads and currently on Tamoxifen.

Beverley xx

Hi I live in York so cud meet up in Leeds let me kno wen x

Another one from York here.

You could meet up at the Haven - v close to bus station and free parking for those with cars. They have tea/coffee/ herbals going all day.

Rozita - fancy a Chocolate City mini-meet?

I’m so pleased with the response, I hadn’t realised how many ladies were from W. York’s. It will be good for us all to chat with others who truly understand how this blasted disease affects us. How about we throw a few ideas into the pot for a venue? Also days of week, and times. Most days are OK for me.

Libby x

I’m *reasonably* flexible at the mo but going back to work part-time at some point.

I’d recommend the Haven, the ladies who run it are really lovely and if you’ve never been you can access loads of free treatments/therapies if you wish. Or you can simply use it as a meeting place / coffee stop.

Or I could suggest coming to wonderful historic York ;o)