anyone interested in talking about food and healthy eating for recovery

 This is my first time on this website. I am so happy I found it. I am recovering from radiotherapy treatment and taking Letrozole. I want to eat as  healthily as possible but lately I have been binging on chocolate, sweets, cakes and junk food. I supposed it is comfort eating but it has never happened to me before. . I believe that   eating well  is an important part of recovery and staying healthy. I was wondering if anyone would like to chat about this .

Hiya, welcome to the forum ?

A cancer diagnosis is such a mamouth thing that everything we felt as so important to us before just becomes so trivial, including what we eat!

Your still in the early stages of recovery from treatment so be kind to yourself and allow your body what it needs for now, as you feel stronger you will find your sense of normality again although 2.5 years on I will still use cancer to justify having, eating or doing something I know I really shouldn’t ! ?

Plenty of people around the forum to chat to and you will see how common this is! Jo xx 

Hi Aline,


Congrats on the end of your treatment. 


There’s nothing wrong with a sweet treat or two! You should listen to what your body is asking for. And if it’s asking for something naughty, then you shouldn’t feel too guilty about it. But of course, this should be within moderation. 


Perhaps you’re struggling to eat healthier because you’re not sure of what to eat? There are loads of cancer-specific cookbooks out there that have recipes to try during and after treatment. I’ve included some best sellers here that I hope can help you:


Cooking for Chemo and After


Nourish: The Cancer Care Cookbook


Healthy Eating During Chemotherapy 


I am sorry you feel alone, hopefully, this forum will help. Also, Body Soul Nutrition is a great support service that offers nutritional advice for cancer patients. They have free info in written and video format. Maybe check them out? 


If you’re really worried that you have lost control, I would recommend you get in touch with your GP asap to see if they can help at all.



Best wishes!